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During the lunch break, Myra was sitting  solitary in the caffeinate area. Her friends asked to join them but she declined. One of her close friends, Shreya was observing her since morning. Shreya knew something was wrong but Myra was introvert. In the evening, when all were in hurry to leave the office, Myra was still working.

“Myra, let’s go for a coffee today,” asked Shreya.

“No dear, I have to complete this presentation today” replied Myra.

Shreya knew that Myra was just trying to avoid the conversation so she took a chair and sat beside her. Myra asked her to leave for home but she refused to do so. Myra thought she will leave within few minutes but Shreya waited for long. Myra was feeling guilty and ultimately she turned off her computer.

They both went to a nearby café. Shreya ordered two cups of cold coffee. They both were sitting wordlessly. After few minutes, Shreya broke the ice between them by some questions. Myra was still quiet. Her eyes were watery but she was trying to control herself.

“Let tears roll down, my dear,” said Shreya.

Myra couldn’t restrain herself, it seemed as if the storm were waiting inside her to come out, and her heart was full of weighs, the blobs of water started running down one after another, without a trace of pause.

Shreya didn’t force her to share the issues, but still, Myra thanked her for such wonderful evening. Myra was now feeling relaxed because after crying she was calm. She didn’t have solutions to her problem yet she was feeling good.

Shreya pledged to be there and they both left for home smilingly.

Do you remember when you cried last?

Do you know there are many benefits of crying?

Whenever a person happy or sad, his/her eyes are filled with water. It’s not a magic, it’s an emotion that runs out.

According to a research, Crying is not a bad thing. It has many health benefits :

  1. A good cry helps to reduce stress level. That’s the reason we feel relaxed after crying.
  2. Crying can’t give solution of our problems but gives relaxation.
  3. Tears kill bacteria as it acts as anti-viral agent. They kill 90-95% bacteria within minutes.
  4. Tears remove toxins and are considered as natural therapy which helps to balance our body.
  5. Crying elevates the mood. After crying our mind feels stress free and ultimately we engage in other activities.  
  6. It also helps to shorten the risk of certain diseases.
  7. It helps to improve your vision. It lubricates your eyeballs to help you see more clearly.
  8. It helps to relieve from the pain.
  9. Crying helps us to feel better and enhances the mood.

Sometimes it also helps to strengthen the bond between two souls. It can be a bridge between them for bringing them closure to each other.

Crying is even considered as an important sign for infants. The babies express their needs by crying. It is the only way of conversation for them.

Society often calls it the sign of weakness. People think one who cries is broken, can’t do anything in life but it’s not so. Crying is just a way to express the things which our heart can’t hold on. It is like a wave which comes to wash out the scattered things. After this wake, we are able to view everything clearly.

Never apologize for crying, it’s the best therapy which costs nothing.


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Kanchan Vallecha

Kanchan Vallecha

I wish to ignite the fire whose flames will lead the people towards the shining star, not to the ashes.
Sharing is Caring-