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“All the World’s a stage, for those who are shy!”

Are you too shy to progress? Do you shy away to leave your comfort zone? Do you hyperventilate when you see crowd? Then you’re at the right place. Don’t shy away from here, please!. I’m sure no guy has ever proposed you. Alas! and you never been on a date.

Even if you do, you have regretted the day as it might have come out as a cry for help. You have missed many golden opportunities. They say shyness is a women’s best jewel.

I believe.You have always avoided placing order on phone. You try to act asleep when people visit your place. And you always need a friend to accompany you to places.

Social hangouts are a big NO for you. If these are your symptoms, then you suffer ‘ introversion.’ and from a social disease called ‘Shyness.’

“The more you hide from it,
The more you will encounter it.
Your fear, to face World
To encounter World.
You need to conquer shyness.
Miss many opportunities you may!
The more you run away from it.
The more it will hurdle your way.
Triumph over shyness.
Discover yourself.
And the World will discover you.”

“Discover yourself, And the World will discover you.” This saying says it all, if you are shy, you don’t discover your talents as you don’t leave your comfort zone. Unless and until you discover your hidden talents, World won’t discover them too.

Shy people are often mistaken as egoistical , they think shy people have attitude issues. People start judging you . To overcome shyness, while keeping authenticity is the key. “To deal with any problem, you have to deal through it.”

Ways to overcome shyness:

  • Meet new people. Try to mingle with people more often.
  • Try to interact with new people.
  • Talk to people when you go out.  Just talk until you are comfortable not till you do verbal diarrhoea.
  • Healthy conversation with people.
  • Try to handle cradle, place orders.
  • Attend family functions, office parties, friends hang-outs
  • Stop thinking about people, turn deaf ears to negative remarks.
  • If you can’t stand their gaze, don’t panic. Pretend no one is watching you.
  • Once you overcome shyness, trust me you will remove the biggest stone from your way.

Remember, –
“The boldest storytelling come from shy people.”

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Fatima Hashmi

Fatima Hashmi

A doctor to be. Co-author, Vajra World record holder. Tooth fairy with writing skills. " I write I believe, it gives me the freedom to be me."
Sharing is Caring-