Sharing is Caring-

“Hey! Did you notice the dress she wore last night? It costs Rs.15000. I too want the same!”

We all get to listen to such lines. Don’t we?

Comparing oneself to others has become a new trend. Everyone wants to be better than others. Everyone wants more than what others have. This brings me to a story.

There was a teenage girl who was facing too many problems with her face. She was dark in colour and had lots of pimples. She didn’t look as beautiful as her friends & was taunted by every person she met- just because her face was not pretty.

She decided to undergo some treatments. While those expensive treatments were going on; she had to bear lots of pain. But nothing worked for her skin.

By the time she lost wealth as well as health in medical surgeries. Just to get what she didn’t have; she even lost what she had!! And she can neither recover wealth nor health.

Many times we get into the comparison trap even when things are not in our control. For instance, “Why is that boy very smart and I am not?” Smartness is a natural gift and we cannot snatch or steal it from a person. We face more disappointment with this type of comparison. Everything doesn’t go according to us each time.

The comparison has its biggest trap among school children. Parents compel their children to get better marks than others. Students then compare their marks with their classmates. If they get fewer marks than others, they decide to end up their life rather than telling their parents about getting fewer marks. Yes, we all know that this is the era of competition and if we don’t compete, we are left behind. But such comparison is really very dangerous.

The craze of having personal mobile phones, computers and other such items is also the result of the comparison. “Why Bhaiya has an expensive smartphone and I don’t? Mumma, please get me one!” Because of this, children have forgotten the way to life. They no longer play outdoor games. They need luxury from such a little age.  

Comparison gives birth to jealousy. We hear various stories that so and so actress had a fight with production team over dresses and that another actress of the same movie is wearing it. She loses her own dignity by coming into the limelight after such row. Let’s not get in such a stupid game. Be smart enough to avoid comparison.

Before comparing yourself with others, make sure that you both are equal. Your starting point must be same. And it is impossible to find such competitor. Therefore I suggest that compare “you” with “yourself”. Try to make yourself better than the one you were yesterday. This way you’ll never lose your morale. Neither will you get into jealousy trap.

By this, we learn that we are gifted as much as we need to survive. The comparison makes us feel insecure. God cares for us. He blesses us with all the required things on a perfect time and we should never mess with it or doubt on it.

Compare to enhance. Compare to get motivated. But never ever try to make others jealous by your comparison.

Sharing is Caring-