Sharing is Caring-

“The moment will arrive when you are comfortable with whom you are, and what you are– bald or old or fat or poor, successful or struggling- when you don’t feel the need to apologize for anything or to deny anything. To be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.”

There should be a law, the drummer should scream at the top of his voice like the old days”, from now on, you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. If you feel like you belong somewhere else other than yourself, go in front of the mirror and say you don’t.


Learn the art of cohabitation with the self; learn to live, to give yourself a break.” In this era of Internet and quick love affairs, we’re forgetting to be ourselves. Understand that you cannot love others if you do not love yourself. It’s like a country, say North Korea, to maintain peace with other countries, it has to look deep within the eyes of its citizens which are constantly drowning in fear, not respect. It has to make a peace with itself.

If someone says your taste is ugly and not artsy or intellectual, who cares? Do you? What is the purpose of life anyway? To make yourself happy. So what if you don’t understand Picasso and Metal music. What’s better? Pretending to like something and spend half of your life in a morbid misery or do what you like and be happy with the world surrounding yourself?

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So what if you make mistakes in grammar? Your ideas are important, not the language. It’s okay to make mistakes once in a while. The people who proclaim they are grammar Nazis don’t know what they are saying. Being associated with the 1920s bastards doesn’t make you a hero. Making a mistake doesn’t give them the authority to call upon a holocaust on you or to send you in a concentration camp. It’s okay to be yourself. One day everyone gets heard and you’ll be heard too and that day is not far away.

So what if you love or loved someone? Everyone loves somebody. Does that mean you should trade your soul, your existence? So what if he doesn’t like your plain T-shirt and snickers look. He is being a loser. Not you. You don’t have to wear tight black dresses.

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You deserve to breathe your lungs full. Also, to those who are a diva, likes to party, has many friends and feels bad when sees they are being called a slut on the Internet it’s not you it’s them. Everything they are doing to you is just them blindly seeing themselves without being aware. To all of you, “your soul is not contained within the limits of your body, your body is contained within the limitlessness of your soul”.

So rise and shine sleepy head. Look, we’ve made the roads again filled with wonderful peoples, we made the sun shine, mellow-bright, and we made the birds sing again. We are waiting for you. Are you going to give yourself a chance again?


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Sharing is Caring-