Sharing is Caring-

As a writer, I have been asked a couple of times to write a comedy write-up. Been a part of so many genres, it definitely is one such genre I really want to touch.

Comedy is an art in itself. I have always been fan girling over comedy movies, because it is one such genre that can instantly change your mood. As an artist, it is one’s main motive to reach out to the audience in a way that keeps them entertained and makes them forget their worries at home.

The basic reason for every individual to buy a ticket and watch a film or to be a huge fan of a television show or even to follow and admire a standup comedian is because everyone’s life in today’s world is so complex and driven at a very fast speed in between this, comedy relaxes the audience.

I have tried a couple of times to write a comedy article, but there was always that real spice missing. What makes a person laugh is very difficult to analyze and incorporate as an artist, especially as a writer. Sometimes repeating the same comedy makes it nothing but monotonous and sometimes, what’s funny to us may not be funny to a huge crowd.


Comedy is one kind of an art which is felt to be the easiest going and free act. But the performance to put up a comedy act is way more difficult, or to be honest, it is out of many people’s imagination. Other genres like action, emotional, horror etc are pretty easy to write down as that is one thing that is present in each one’s life.

Comedy is the only genre that cannot be easily captured and that too in words. Sometimes, just showing a widowed mother or a heroine tortured can simply gain quick sympathies from the audience. But comedy is one such field where captivating audience and its attention are very important.

Still today in many places and award nights, Comedy is considered one of the most underrated genres in the world. The kind of fan following and recognition it deserves, isn’t granted by the crowd and juries.

I am really proud of all those people behind every comedy act for the effort they put into it, the thoughts and ideas that are combined to bring one laugh on the audience’s face is remarkable according to me. Because I’m a writer too, the day I will be able to write a comedy article or a script, that day I would call it my masterpiece.


Sharing is Caring-