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When red is mixed with white, the colour pink is formed. Colour red represents love as well as danger. And white is the colour of peace and purity. And they both mix together and form the colour pink, the colour of care and compassion.

Pink is generally associated with women. Pink is considered feminine. People think that pink colour is only for girls. Girls love pink colour, but not all girls like it.

Passion and power from the colour red softened with the purity and peace of colour white defines the colour pink.

It’s the colour of romance. It depicts beauty.

In this war of feminism, fighting for the rights of women, the colour pink is used to break the stereotypes associated with it. As someone says the colour pink, we think of a woman. Honestly speaking I vehemently dislike this colour pink. When I was a kid, everything I had was of colour pink and of its different shades. Pink bags, pink bottle, pink frocks, pink room, pink, pink…! And such loads and loads of colour pink made me dislike it. Even today, a large part of my wardrobe is filled with pink tops and dresses and I seldom wear them.


An Art by Lovepreet

The society has started to discriminate between colours also. Pink is for the girls and blue for the boys.

We all know about the movie PINK. It created a lot of buzz at the time of release and was in the limelight for all the good reasons. Well, this movie gave a new definition to this colour, or should I say it discovered a new meaning to it.  According to the director of the film, the title PINK has a very deep meaning.

Pink in common street slang in so many countries means vagina of the sort that is bought, with violence.’ Yes, a vagina, which is bought with violence. Women are considered a weaker sex. Their love, care, compassion is taken as their frailty. Men think that since women generally take their decisions with their hearts so they are fools. So it’s easy to diddle them. And if not easily then there’s no harm in forcing yourself on them. Because, we are males and this is a bloody patriarch society.

But I think that if both the sexes take a step forward then we can bring equality. Women can have their own share of rights which were lying in books since years.  And yes, not every girl likes the colour pink. And it’s absolutely normal to have that choice.

Guys, women are as diverse as any other living being on this earth. Please do not make every girl like the colour pink. Let her make her own choice. Let her have her own favourite colour.  And please keep these colours away from your discrimination and let them stand united, because when all colours come together, a beautiful rainbow is formed.


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Sharing is Caring-