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Once a person completes school, He/she begins dreaming about college life.

If you ask a student who is in last year of school, about his thoughts on college life, he’ll start telling you everything he has imagined about college. These imaginations take birth because of television, which has nothing to do with real life. Whatever the T.V. serials show, are completely opposite of what it actually is.

A college is a new place with the brand new set of opportunities and lots and lots of fun with new friends. We make so many memories and learn the real lessons of life there. No more “struggles of uniforms” No more “Homework”, No more scolding from teachers… Freedom from every single thing we hated in school life.

But, does this mean that College life only includes fun and enjoyment? Well, college brings new opportunities. Once we grow up and enter the age of maturity, there are several lessons to be learned. We cannot talk to people the way we want to. We refrain from giving the true advice, thinking that the person talking to us wouldn’t appreciate if we say something negative. In short, we cannot unlock our true self in front of everyone once we enter this age.

We all believed that we don’t need to study so much once we enter the college life. We can have fun, discover various places with friends, chill out at the canteen and do whatever we couldn’t do in school life. But actually, college results matter the most when you go for the job interview or postgraduate degrees. So, college life does not only mean that we are supposed to have fun and study only when exams come up.

The most difficult portion of college life is making new friends. For extroverts, it is a cake walk. But, it is extremely difficult to judge who is true and who is not. If we get in wrong company of people, we lose the focus of all the goals we have made for life. And it becomes almost impossible to get over it.

Your family has spent a lot for your studies. They have a lot of expectation from you. So apart from fun, you have some responsibility towards them as well. Realize this as soon as possible and try to make them proud by giving them all they truly deserve. They only think about your bright and secure future. So don’t get lost in “freedom” you just received.

Also, as a young native of the nation, you have some responsibilities towards the country as well. Till now, you were living for your own self. But once you enter college, you’ll get many chances to represent your country in various fields. You must participate in them and make your college and country proud by winning them. Even if you don’t win, at least give it a try.

So, I am not saying that among all these responsibilities, you should forget the enjoyment. You must enjoy and exercise your rights as well as responsibilities. With this, I wish you all a happy college life and a bright future ahead.

Sharing is Caring-