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Well, today’s blog is something suggested by a friend which is also something that I really wanted to write about.

I guess for a person like me, friends are a very important part of our life. So obviously it has been every little kid’s dream to go on a beautiful holiday or rather an exciting road-trip with friends.

I always wanted to go for a road trip in my 20’s with all my buddies. But I never figured out the details or when will it actually materialize.

Today when I write to you all, it makes me ponder on how exciting this trip would be! Having only your friends around, who know what makes you happy and at the same time what makes you feel weird or uneasy. Also, there is no pressure of being judged by anybody.

road trip

So first off, deciding where to go. Obviously, it was meant to be an international trip.

Spain? Florida? Well, I am not sure of where this would end, but it had to be in nature’s lap.

Moving ahead, A car and loads of home food, cooked by the worst, I mean the best cooks among your group. And MUSIC! How could we forget that!

But I guess in a trip that would be planned by me, the first rule is to be willing to let go of your phones for the whole trip. Because you don’t need any one else when you have planned and successfully executed the best trip with the people you want to.

But how would the stopovers be? They should be something exciting too! Like beaches, camps, resorts, mountains or anything that made us feel that us decision was totally worth every second we are spending away from home!

And wherever we would stop, it would be one room that we all would share.

Most importantly if any of you are planning a road trip with your friends, remember to keep your differences aside. Honestly, you wouldn’t want to ruin special time that you may never get again. This has to be the most memorable one.

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So, Readers do go and think about a road trip with your friends, how would that end up being?

But before you begin planning, remember a road trip is always fun when you have the people you want to be with throughout your life. Someone who will cherish all the time you spent as a gang and the memories that will last a life-time!


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Sharing is Caring-