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I know this blog should have been one written during August, but I think it is still a good time to talk about something as simple, but important for today’s world like this.

Recently or maybe not so recent, but one of the films of this year which did amazingly well on box office was Toilet – Ek Prem Katha. Honestly according to me it is one of the only bearable films that were released this year. Or else, it mostly would be hands on my forehead.


This film was made with a very strong story, and people found awareness in the main concept spoken about throughout the film. I do agree how people were driven and made cautious about open defecation; this film did really well in reducing the numbers in India.

But as an NRI, the one statement in the film that I was held back by, was the quote used as dialogue said by Anupam Kher, ‘If you change nothing, Nothing will change.’ which is one very important quote that should be followed by every Indian.

‘If you change nothing, Nothing will change.’

It does not only apply to the sanitation aspect of open defecation, but it applies to every condition and situation of a developing country like India. A few months back we celebrated our 71st Independence Day. Yes, this is the 71st year of being independent of British. Did we fight and say Simon Go Back for the reason to gain control of OUR country and do whatever we want, to ruin the beautiful architectures or to spoil the efforts of our government?! It is a serious question to be asked.

I know I am talking mainly about that percentage of people who wouldn’t even have access to read this blog today, but it is a very important issue. I come from Mumbai, and when I go back after 6 months with the sense of pride to come back to my own independent country, the first thing at the airport I would see is some taxis or autos who would be chewing betel and tobacco and as soon as they get a customer, the next minute the tobacco would be spit out of the window on the roads.

We keep complaining, especially those who belong to a good society, about how the government makes no changes and does not initiate to eradicate the mess made of our country. But on the government’s defense they have initiated much more than you could even think of, but it is WE who need to bring the change we want to see in our country.

We fought for independence to prove our unity and capability of having a country for ourselves, a country that can challenge any other country in this world. We have the resources, we have the brilliance. But somewhere the unity showed 70 years ago is slowly being lost.

We can do a lot to spread the awareness, but we restrict ourselves… Always remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change.

Most of us employ poverty people at our homes as maids; it is one way of spreading awareness itself. Try to make it a point to express your views on this quote to them after reading this blog. And I’m sure that one step you take, the country will take a big step too.

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Sharing is Caring-