Sharing is Caring-

Don’t we compare our lives with the great celebs and wish for the same comforts?

Well, nothing in this world comes for free. They stood against all the hardships and aced all the situations. Almost all, the celebrities have done some jobs just like us. Their success included the struggles which most of us are not aware of. And today the same people have the net worth in millions. Let’s see a few examples.

1)Smriti Irani:-

  •      Smriti Irani is better known by her daily soap name – “Tulsi”. Now she has joined politics as well.
  •      She used to work as a floor scrubber at McDonalds.
  •      Now her Net worth is $1.6 Million.

2)Dhirubhai Ambani

  •      While counting richest people in India, he is the one who can never be forgotten.
  •      He was a worker at a Gas station.
  •      His net worth during his death i.e. in 2002 was $2.9 Billion.

3)Randeep Hooda

  •      A very famous actor of our film industry.
  •      He used to clean floor at a Chinese restaurant. He has also worked as a driver during his struggle period.
  •      Now his net worth is $ 10 Million.

4) Nawazuddin Siddiqui

  •      An actor whose acting always seems to be real.
  •      He has worked as a watchman of a company. He has also worked as a chemist.
  •      His net worth is $ 7 Million.

5) Barack Obama

  •      An honorary President of America.
  •      He used to scoop ice cream for Baskin Robbins.
  •      His net worth is $ 40 Million.

6) Rajinikanth

  •      The top actor and God for some people in the South.
  •      He has worked as a carpenter, a coolie and also a bus conductor.
  •      His net worth is $53 Million.

7) Boman Irani

  •      An actor and a Judge in various reality shows.
  •      He has worked as a waiter and also as a room service staff at Taj Mahal Palace. He also used to help his mother run a Bakery. He also tried Photography as a profession.
  •      His net worth is $ 75 Million.

8) Akshay Kumar

  •      A fittest and hottest actor of B-Town.
  •      He used to work as a waiter in a restaurant. He has also worked as Dish washer in a hotel at Bangkok before becoming Chef.
  •      Today his net worth is $ 150 Million.

9) Amitabh Bachchan

  •      Better known as Big B in B-town.
  •      He has worked as an executive at a shipping firm. He has also worked as the freight broker in another shipping company.
  •      And his net worth in 2015 was $425 Million.

As we saw, Success without struggles is just not possible. If we can compare our lives with theirs so easily; how many of us have the courage to struggle like they did?

Instead of just watching and admiring them, let’s get inspired by their stories.

Sharing is Caring-