Sharing is Caring-

“Ugh! Such a hot day. Need to cross 4 zebra crossings to reach that end.” Thoughts that rolled my mind today when I got out of the bus. “Walk fast, first walking signal is green.” As I crossed the first zebra. “Wait for the next two to turn green.” And I begin to cross when it turns green.

Three zebras crossed, waiting for the fourth to turn green. As it turns green, I begin to walk and a huge tanker alongside a bus with a huge amount of traffic behind them begin to move towards me. “What is even happening? OMG! RUN!!” “Phew, just made it by a flick of a second.” “What just happened? Are you even alive?”

Yes, you guessed it right. Both the signals turned green at the same time. And since the time I have reached home, I have just been thinking, What if I was a second late with my reflexes? Or What if that speeding tanker just rushed over me? All these thoughts rolled over my mind all day long as I messaged my friend saying, “Dude, I just missed a terrible accident.” and after all questions about the careless event and calming me down.

My friend asked me one question, which brought me thinking till here that I felt it was necessary to tell you all too. The question was like, “How did you feel when you saw the tanker approaching you, all those palpitations and fear. Did they make you feel alive?” And I was surprised hearing this. I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised. After seeing death in front of you, who asks the question, did you feel alive?!

But honestly, as I put my foot on the footpath and blinked my eye as the tanker rushes behind my back, I could hear my heartbeat loud and all that I thought was, my existence would have been over forever just because of this stupid careless government signals and my behavior. My life would have ended at that moment, I wouldn’t have been able to come back home and rant about my day to my friends. Nor would I have completed even one step closer to my dream. All those ambitions, for which I have lived, would have been crushed along with my life.

That was when I realized how ungrateful I am to live. All the time, I have just spoken about how boring and monotonous or how difficult and complex life is. But today, when I saw something that was going to take away this life, I wasn’t ready for it.

Always try and appreciate your life, and live with the feeling of being alive. Because you never know what careless step could snatch it away from you.

Sharing is Caring-