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People have always been wondering on two time phases for all the times.

First, the past and second, the future.

Both the times never pass but always wait for you to touch them. The past never goes and the future never arrives. And we always waste our present for these two lost loves of the time.

And the worrying situation in one’s life which demands his inner deciding capability to the utmost level is – Determining the appropriate path of future or in a word, we may conclude; CAREER DECISION.

career decision

The career decision is one of the trickiest as well as the easiest work to do. It will, henceforth, slaughter your fears and then sprout a confidence in yourself and your talent. Some people don’t let their inner guts to do any job but decide to follow a well-groomed path and be at the safest point. But what safety would it cost to have never experienced any journey only because you’re afraid of accidents?

Talking about the scenario created in our nation, I see every special mind to run behind mainly two dreams – ENGINEERING AND MEDICALS. The children who pass out their senior secondary schools with flying colors are kept open to only two stars of the vast sky. One star being the engineering and the other shining within the medicals.

But what if I talk about being a teacher? Or a writer? Or a singer? Or any other dream? Is there any path enlightened for them so that they need not to kill their passion and die several times in this life? No wonder that the hard ways often need stiff dedication and wonderful will power but what does our instinct tell us? To make their paths a bit harder or to caress their footsteps so that their minds are somewhat relieved?

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It is no wonder a risky bet which will stake the future but there holds no place for a future above average that has not wandered through paths of some risk. We need not press the shoulders of our wonderful future within some pre-decided ways of living. I can agree that some people fail to express their talents up to that level but we hold no grip to stop them from at least trying. Because in the end of your life, money will not make you happy but your memories will.

No career is in any comparison to the others. All we need to care about is the way in which we become satisfied. The heart is always hungrier than the stomach. Feeding the heart will someday fill your stomach but no matter how much you feed your stomach, your heart will never get full.

That’s the thing we always need to take care of. Everybody is a genius, in whatsoever way we take them. Constructing a single paper for all the aspirants in this life, we can never get them perform at their best.

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For wonderful people around us, we need wonderful brains to understand them.

A writer may fail in science. A singer can fail in literature. But all it would take a chance that we give them smilingly to nurture their souls.

So keep supporting your examinee in this examination of their struggle. They may not perform well but their heart will always get the brilliant marks.


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Sharing is Caring-