Sharing is Caring-

“No, Pia, I’m not joining any art school. Is this my age to play with canvas and colours? And have you ever seen me painting? No right? Then what’s this new drama? I’m not leaving my job for this. I am not going anywhere. And that’s final!”

“Tomorrow the class is at 9:00 am sharp. I’ve packed your art kit. Brushes are in the first chain. Oil paints, acrylics and pastels in the other one. Paint the world dad.” Pia was packing the bag, ignoring Shashi’s banter.

“Don’t ignore me, Pia. And with whose permission did you fill out the admission form? You are not that old to make my decisions. I am the dad here, not you.” Shashi scolded.

“You are worried about the job right? Well, you never enjoyed it, did you? You did it because we needed money. Now, I earn. Let me share the responsibilities now. Now you don’t need to force yourself to do this. It’s time to live your life dad.” Pia tried to convince him.

“I’m living my life, Pia. And I am happy.”

“No, you’re not. After mom left, you are the only one I have. You dedicated your life towards me. You worked hard to give me the best always. You made me what I am today. Had I not known your passion for art if I hadn’t stumbled upon your paintings? You took care of my every need. But always hid your love for art in the basement, locked! I am sorry for this dad. I feel guilty for snatching away your passion. I never even bothered that what you want. After all, I am the only one you have. But since now I know where your happiness lies, it’s my responsibility to give it to you. It’s my turn now.” Pia stood there as she recalled all that his dad had done for her.

“Dad, you gave me a life I dreamt off. Now it’s my responsibility to give you a life that is not just a happy one, but an extraordinarily happy one. All those days when you worked hard, did overtime, lost your leaves; it’s time to live those days back again. But this time with a BANG!”

Shashi stood up from the sofa, took a sip of water from the glass kept aside, walked up to Pia and hugged her tight. A few minutes later, he stood there with a beaming smile on his face and said,” Okay ma’am, as you say. I can never win against you, can I? Now stop scolding me, don’t you know I have an art class to attend tomorrow. But before that I’ll have to write my resignation letter, or else they won’t let me go.” Shashi laughed, wiping a little tear at the corner of his left eye.

“Here it is! Sign it. I’ll give it your boss tomorrow.” Pia took out a piece of paper that she had been hiding in the newspaper.

And they both broke into laughter!

Sharing is Caring-