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The relationship between a parent and a child is most pious and beautiful. This is what most of us feel and believe. However, now-a-days there are growing incidents where parents affection and sacrifices are put to acid test. Now-a- days, it is common to hear the well educated children leading a luxurious life to comment, “You as a parent have done nothing for me.” or questioning them, “What special have you done for me!” The irony is that children are so blunt in asking such questions, and parents are too naïve to show them the proof or rather they are too shocked to say anything.

Recently, I personally came across two such incidents in a family and was too shocked and hurt to hear the allegations that were put on the parents who have been worth idolizing. In one such case, the parents had to live separately for most of the time as the family agriculture business was in village and quality education to the children can be provided only in the city. In the other case, the parents were questioned for spending a small part their own money on some close relatives. Mind you that in the process of doing this, never ever the children were neglected, nor their education and other luxuries of life. Shocked! Yes, this could happen with the most doting parents too with no real fault of theirs.


Now let me transport you back to about a generation or two earlier. There was an average of 5-6 kids in a family. No special attention was given on food. Clothes were stitched from one same bundle known as thaan. Education at the most was provided till Matriculation (12th) after which the girls were generally married and boys were left to fend for themselves. This was the maximum a parent was expected to do and children were grateful for life. Now the times are changing and so are the expectations of new generation.

Today I want these unsatisfied children to do some honest introspection. Have you ever thought how blessed you are to have a parent in life when there are lakhs of orphans waiting for a single morsel of food on the mercy of others! Have you ever thought how lucky you are to read this text today because of the education you got as there are so many child laborers whose dream never turn to reality, still they don’t question their parents!

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Have you ever thought that with your birth your mother also had a second birth! Have you ever thought about the sleepless nights your parents have spent when you were crying endlessly or running down with high fever! Have you ever thought how many nights your parents have happily gone through physical separation as a bundle of joy and the axis of their life was sleeping peacefully in the middle! Have you ever thought your parents, especially the mother could have had a better professional life or a more fruitful career had she not willingly applied break to it!


Don’t question your parents love ever as it is unconditional, undiluted and everlasting. Even if you are a 70 year old, you will remain a child for your parents. It is the only relation in this world which you can blindly trust. As it is righty said, “Poot kaput sune hai par na, mata suni kumata.”  (पूत कपूत सुने है पर न, माता सुनी कुमाता॥) Even if you believe that your parents have done nothing for you, can you tell what you have done for them till now! Respect them and love them unconditionally because you have no idea of the journey they have gone through.



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Sharing is Caring-