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We live in a democratic country and we have been believing it for centuries since independence. We have the right to speak and express, according to the Article 19 of our Indian Constitution. But how many are actually following or adapting it? You have to utilize this Right.

We have to speak when there is an immense need. We must express when it’s highly intolerable. But in reality there are deep silence that should break.

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Be it misleading acts, intolerant activities that’s happening in and around, we come across many things in our daily life. Folks! It is time to speak up for the things that does bother you. A rape, depression, violence, harassment, bullying, your self-respect at stake, breaking a worthless relationship, following  the orders due to insecurity, not able to lead your life according to you,  freedom from slavery, nonsense or even a bad company who tries to discourage or harm you. The are few instances which pull you back from moving ahead in life. This is only because of lack of confidence. And when you are completely filled with fear, you become silent.


Being the person you don’t want to be, kills you from within. What happens to a person, if he wants to transform himself to a girl? Though it’s a bold step,  he needs to speak out or else he will be suffering with it for a lifetime. Or take a wrong step, commit suicide. The same thing happens when parents want their children to live by their dreams. The children might not focus but trouble themselves, undergo a lot of stress, sometimes end their lives. Silence kills.

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So try to boost thyself with confidence, strength and courage, walk the path you want to, talk the way you feel it’s right to; it matters you a lot. Knowingly or unknowingly you take many steps or decisions in life, even though it’s influenced; accomplish the dare dream of your choice. Some might be a turning point, few downfalls. But remember there is always another chance. Similarly, when you are drowned with unhappiness and sufferings for a long time, for whatsoever reasons, there is always a new sunshine every morning reminding us to start afresh. Break the silence when things turn out to be unfavorable and creating disturbances in you. It takes one word with the courage to come out of that dark phase. When you try to open up and start facing the reality,  you tend to become strong enough to fight your own battle. So try expressing yourselves better when you are given the right to do it. They might lead to good and bring out the best in you.

Many a time we zip our mouth with silence in reality. Few things throw light on where people find it tough to rely on other decisions and agree on matters regarding career, education, marriage or even life as a whole at times.  Individuality and independent nature fades with time and remain slaves obeying others rather than having our own identity. Prime rule: when you are not willing to do it, disagree or feel dissatisfied to the things around you; better move away from it. Protect yourself from sinking with the ship of troubles and rants.

Its high time if you are holding onto things which are unworthy. Leave it if it doesn’t work because life isn’t about wasting time for things which mean nothing to you.

Try working with zeal, talent and dreams which motivate you and gives meaning to life, go by it and show the world that you can do it. But first, you have to drop that inner fear.

When you start saying a firm “No” or “Yes”, many problems can be sorted and you can have a smooth flow of communication apart from dilemma and ambiguity. Things get beautified and tend to be simple even when seen with a magnifying glass.

Speaking helps, silence kills

Stop repenting and thinking; start speaking to get away from the lame compromises, deeper silences and ignore to end the creepy conclusions and rumors disposed off from those around you. It’s now or never! Do or dare! If you want to be you; live for yourself, think for thyself, speak fight for what you want to do, dream and achieve what you wish to. You become strong when you speak veraciously with confidence. You can conquer heights and success follows.

We can roll out the real life examples. When you speak in tough times, you can save a life, you can come out of pain and regret; be guilt free, go fearless, protect yourself and lastly enlighten minds, create awareness of things around you and more. Most difficult hurdles or obstacles can be solved when there is an interaction and either of them speaks up.

Life is short. Try to create a wonderful life learning from the experiences. If things go wrong or situations get out of control, try to sort and handle it by yourself. Give your best to speak up but never give up. It is “when you create?” “How you create?” the way you prosper and accentuate giving you inner peace and happiness. The only thing you need to do is just break the silence whatever the situation is…

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Sharing is Caring-