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“Showing off is the fool’s idea to glory”

Above sentence is quoted by Bruce Lee. This inspired me to write something about this strongly rooted problem of our society – “show off”.

Nowadays, this issue is getting serious and serious. People watch television and other social Medias to get an idea about what is trending in the market. Such things are generally meant for people who can afford it. They flaunt their assets. They spend a large amount of money in family functions and waste lots of resources which is of no use.


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Because of them, other classes also have to suffer. Lots of money is wasted in marriages, baby showers, birthday parties, and even in funerals. They spend so much just to show people what they have.

Some of the major areas of show off-

1) Ganesh Chaturthi: It is a festival where people welcome Lord Ganesha and ask for blessings.

What people actually spend on- Band bajas; Competition is about whose idol is longest; decorations, and above all, prashad and verities in them.

2)  Diwali: A festival which is celebrated to welcome of Lord Rama. It is the festival where good conquers bad. A festival of worshiping Goddesses and ask them to always bless their family.

What people actually spend on- Fire crackers; Lightings; Decorations; New attire; Food and so on.  

3) Marriages: An occasion where relatives and friends are invited to bless the couple tying the knot and entering in a new relationship.

What people notice: Food; location of marriage; decoration; cloths worn by couple and other family members. Above everything else, who gave how much money? How much gold was exchanged? A complete financial condition of a family is judged.            

4) Birthday parties: There are so many people who are unable to manage food for two times a day. And there are some who spend a good amount on birthday celebration which is not at all required. A person should celebrate this day and feed those people who actually need them.

5) Trending’s and trolling’s: In the recent days, there are some new trends called “Pre-wedding photo shoots” and “Pregnancy photo shoots”

Also, destination weddings and destination parties have become so trendy.

People spend money in purchasing new comfort items (which is a “want” instead of “need”). Because of them, others, who can’t afford these, try to engage in new earning methods which may end up in crimes.

One must spend on items which they really need. Without which their life may stop. And even if they purchase such luxurious items; they must not flaunt it in front of those who can’t afford it. The money spent should rather be an investment and not an expense.

Also; we must teach our new generation that one can live happily without spending so much on unnecessary occasions. They must learn to live with little resources. Do your work on your own. We don’t require an assistant for every work.

If you are blessed with a talent, use it where it is required. Do not try to get attention by flaunting them wherever you go. It will prove you an “Idiot”.   

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Show off is done to impress the society and show people what you have and they don’t. Remember- money is temporary. You may throw a big party and spend lots of money and resources. This will lead to high expectations among people. What if next time you lack in terms of money during such occasions? The public who was so interested in your “show off” business will be the one to taunt you during hard times.

Do as much as you can, not as much as people want to see.


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Sharing is Caring-