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What is life? For some, it is a burden as they are very frustrated with it. For some, it is just a common thing, given by God. And for some, it is the only thing that they desire in the whole universe. But to live a life we need a body.

As Billy Graham once quoted, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when the character is lost, all is lost.” To live a fruitful life, we need a functional body, but most people take their body for granted. They ignore the most important gift of God, for other far less important things. They forget that if there is a body only then other things in the life can give them pleasure.

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Now the question comes why are they taking their body for granted? Let’s introspect the various possible answers to this question.


Nowadays, people are so much indulged in their work that they are not concerned about healthy lifestyles. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but they avoid it due to hastiness. When it comes to lunch or dinner, they mostly consume junk foods or such foods which are unhealthy; only to fill their stomach or satiate their taste buds.


People have addictions of smoking, drinking and other forms of intoxications. They very well know that it is dangerous to their health; still, they consume it. I would like to ask a question to those people that, are your addictions more important than your life? No! It can never be more important than living a healthy life.



We all know yoga, exercise, et cetera, is important for a healthy body. But some people are too lazy to do it. They will always justify to not to go for it. For example, we don’t get time to do this or we cannot get up early or nothing will happen with all these, and such more.

There are some people who are the slave of their tongues like patients of diabetes and obesity. They eat all those food which is not healthy for them and make an excuse that seldom eating wouldn’t do harm. But the problem is that their seldom occurs often in a day.

Now I want to share a real life story of Rahul Yadav, founder of YODDHAS, a UNESCO award-winning NGO, dedicated to the well-being of cancer patients throughout India.

Rahul was suffering from blood cancer. He made me remember “Rajesh Khanna” of “Anand” movie. He was positive, filled with fighting spirit and the inspiration for many others to fight with the problems of life.  The only thing he wanted was a healthy body but fate had it’s course predetermined. He left this world today as I write this blog.

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Just give a thought to many such people. How painful it is for them and their family! They are fighting with various adverse situations to stay alive. They are enduring uncountable agony.  

So I request, please do not take your life or your body for granted.  This is the best gift that God has given you. Just appreciate it by taking care of it. As the saying goes “pehla sukh nirogi kaya.” which means that the foremost pleasure in this world is a healthy body. All other things follow next. Don’t waste this gift from God for other things. Just try to feel the pain of those individuals who want to live but their body is not supporting them. Use this body to help yourself and to help others. Please quit all the addictions which are harmful to your body. If you do not abandon them, your life might abandon you. Please adopt all the healthy practices. Be healthy and inspire others by your work.

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Sharing is Caring-