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Blue whale challenge is an online game that is originated from Russia.

The admin of this game is known as a ‘curator’, means one who gives challenges and coerces to complete the challenges.

This is a suicide game

The admin sends the gamers fifty horrible tasks for fifty days. The gamers finish the tasks through sending some photos and videos. If anyone wants to leave the game without finishing the game, he/she is blackmailed that his/her family will be murdered. Till now, 131 people have committed suicide because of this game.

What is the source?

Dark web is the part of the deep web that cannot be indexed by search engine. There are red rooms in the dark web, in the red rooms live videos of murdering people are shown.

blue whale

What are the challenges?

There are total 50 dangerous challenges to be finished. These are-

  1.   To write F57 with a blade on the arm and to send that photo to the admin.
  2.   To get up at 4:20 am and to see a horrible video sent by the admin.
  3.   To incise superficially with a blade on the arm and to make three linear then to send that photo to the admin.
  4.   To draw a picture of a whale on a paper and to send that photo to the admin.
  5.   To write ‘yes’ with a blade on leg.
  6.   To write a code.
  7.   To write F40 on the arm with a blade and to send that photo to the admin.
  8.   To give the status ‘I am a whale’ on the social media.
  9.   To get up at 4:20 am and to go to on the rooftop.
  10.  To watch the horror movies whole day.
  11.  To listen to the music sent by the admin.
  12.  To cut the lips with a blade.
  13.  To prick the arms with a needle and to send that photo to the admin.
  14.  To go on the rooftop and to stay at the edge of the top for a while.
  15.  To try to get up on a crane.
  16.  To talk to the admin.
  17.  To get up at 4:20 am and to go to a nearby railway station.

And at last but not the most dangerous challenge is the 50th challenge that is to go to another world. The gamer has to jump from the top of the building and that is the end point of the game.

After each and every steps admin asks to delete all the photos and videos sent by the gamers.

Why this name?

In Russia, in 2008, 55 blue whales came together to a sea beach. Rescue team got them to the midpoint of the sea, but they came again and died like committed suicide. Hence, this name.


People who are addicted to the online games must be alert. Most of the victims of this game are teenagers, so they should stay away from any unknown links from which this suicide game is being connected.


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Sharing is Caring-