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What is blue whale game? Blue whale game or Blue whale challenge is a task oriented game, in which participant performs the given task. This game is also called a suicidal game because, at the last task of this game or challenge is committing suicide. I read in a newspaper that this game had taken many lives in which most are teenagers’ lives.

                      Why teenagers are committing suicide through a game like this??

This question came into my mind when I was reading the news about it.  Teenagers are vulnerable and nowadays they are suffering from false depression. False depression means they think of other people like if I am doing this then what other people will think.  So they easily attach to this kind of game.

Blue whale game

                     This kind of game gives a thrill to the depressed youngsters and they forget the pain of real life. Teenagers want attention from parents, friends and for this, they do the task of the game like cutting their wrist or waking up at 4.20 am and see a horror movie.

                    So how teenagers can avoid this game or depression or their loneliness? There is a simple solution to this problem and that is, the teenagers should talk to their parents about their thoughts or any kind of problem which they may face and parents must listen to their children about the problem and find a way to solve the problem.

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                   Parents should keep an eye on their children. Parents should teach teenagers how to use social media. Teenagers should tell their parents what they are doing on the internet. Teenagers should talk to parents about their loneliness, depression and what they think about the world and how they understand the world.

                             So guys, stay away from these kinds of games or things which will harm you and enjoy every moment of life and understand that there is no such problem which we cannot be solve. So talk to your parents if you have any problem and they will surely solve that problem.

                                Enjoy and keep reading……

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Sharing is Caring-