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In India, we commonly witness a lot of blind faiths being practiced time and again. They are not so difficult to find. One can see them being practiced in their own homes or in the nearest neighborhood. It cannot be denied that a lack of appetite can be termed as “nazar lag jana” and “kala teeka” is our after birth mark! One can see ladies going to cross roads and placing the “nimbu mirchi” and men carrying lemons in their pockets of “Kali chaudas”, a day before Diwali.

What is all this for? Why do we need to think so narrow mindedly in the 21st century?

We live in an age called the Ultra Modern Age. We have well-developed technology. One can see technology even in the remotest of areas. With the development of printing press and televisions and not to mention, internet connection being used by almost everybody in the country on their smart phones, the world has obviously become a global village. This Global village has a meaning. It is not just any other village, but one has information of the culture and rituals of any place on their fingers.


With so much information, we the modernized people, still believe in the “Bhasm” of a “Baba” to cure us from diseases like Typhoid and Malaria? What is wrong with us? When you can go to a doctor for a common cold why would you need a saint to cure such deadly illnesses?

With the discussion of superstitions, how can we forget the “Kali Billi” theory? It is believed; here in India that if a black cat crosses your path, you are likely to meet with an accident! Who are we kidding? We all know cats have nothing to do with us and our well being! They are known to be concerned about their own selves and we worry about their crossing of our ways?

Not to mention, the practice of providing the sacrifice of animals in the name of God in both religions like Hinduism and Islam. What have animals done to suffer? We talk about vegetarianism but it is okay to sacrifice an innocent little animal for our faith in God? Is this right? The answer is no!

Not just adults even the kids fall victims of these superstitions. We all have heard theories like cutting the nails on so and so day may cause the death of one’s mother and washing clothes on Thursdays is banned in someone’s house because it is not right. Something bad may occur because of this. Shaving or cutting hair on Saturdays in also harmful! What is the harm in hygiene? Why cannot we just do these everyday jobs and get over with them?

In above mentioned details, no offense has been caused to the beliefs of the people. Faith is good but blind faith might cause trouble.


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Sharing is Caring-