Sharing is Caring-

So for all those readers who have willingly turned to this page reading the title, this is basically a simple and short blog on what fashion and style actually mean to me. For people who have known me for a long time, have very different views on my fashion sense. Some consider me a fashion icon of the group and some feel that my fashion sense could be a little more updated.

I know it is a pretty weird topic to talk about, but it is one topic many girls look forward to reading. Yes, like many reputed fashion icons, this little soul fashion icon in a group of 100-200 has even had some fashion disasters. P.S. Especially on birthdays. Obviously, it does get difficult to choose one outfit out of hundred others. Well, my fashion disaster wasn’t exactly what you’re thinking but it was a stubborn idea of mine when I was young, something about which I would talk to you all in the future.

But, pretty much since that day, I have tried to incorporate the real meaning of fashion and style to my life.

Honestly, if you ever have had a fashion disaster, don’t take it personally when someone says you need to have a makeover of your fashion sense, because, you really don’t. You can never have a makeover of fashion sense or style because according to me each individual carries their own persona and style in the way they dress, and sometimes an individual dresses in the most comfortable form of clothing.

Being an Economics student, I have noticed how the demand changes with the change in fashion trends. People often believe that the current trend and the fashion that is in the house is what they should wear in order to be acknowledged or praised. But every trend has its own tale; I mean, it has its own good and bad sense. Sometimes trying to update your fashion sense to the current lot causes a lot of discomforts.

Moreover, something that I truly believe in is ‘Fashion for one, is not always the same for the other. Every individual is different and has a varied taste of colors and sense of designs. I personally prefer wearing something that is plain and simple as casuals. But you must be wondering how do people find me a fashion icon then?! I believe in the attitude and persona along with what you wear.

Sometimes, we emphasize on wearing something classy. Yes, all my clothes come from high end shops, but they do not look classy because they are branded, but because there is a temperament and a proper amalgamation of comfort, color, look and design that brings out the best results.

Fashion is something you would like to see yourself in, something that you find yourself glow in and not something that needs to be always updated with trends.


Sharing is Caring-