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Traveler is not just a person who travels to new places; he is a person who lives his journey. This is what differentiates a traveler from a tourist. A tourist just travels to a new place without caring to admire the beauty, while a traveler while traveling to a new place, tries to get accustomed to the custom and culture of the place he travels, besides admiring its beauty. A tourist sees what a traveler feels.

A man who travels understands a lot of things, which a person who does not travel finds it hard to accept. Travelling is more than just a hobby for some people. For some, this is an integral part of life. A man who travels has a deeper understanding of different culture and beliefs. They also make it a point to adhere to the local customs wherever they go.


It’s not easy to travel to different places as it requires money. In some places, lots of money is required.  But a true traveler, no matter how rich or modest his income is will always find a way to travel differently to places. It is their desire to travel that they are ready to compromise their comfort just to travel to new places. They are ready to travel in a crowded bus; they are ready to stay in a small hut without any luxuries. A traveler is always in a desire for a new experience. The best thing about having a friend who is a traveler is that they are more ready to accept a change than those people who are not a traveler.


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Another great thing about having a friend who loves traveling is that they have always something new to talk about from their experience from visiting a new place and meeting new people. It is also seen that travelers are also a good photographer.  A traveler’s journey is incomplete without clicking photos of their travel which serve as memories of their travel.

Once a traveler was asked, “What is traveling for you?”

His reply was, “I don’t know what it is for others, but for me traveling is my life.”

Another traveler was asked,” What have you understood by meeting so many people on your journey?”

He promptly replied, “That the same blood flows in everyone’s body.”

In simple words, the traveler can view the whole world as one society. So grab the first opportunity that you get and travel to new places. Go with family, friends or alone.

If you want to discover your hidden self, then travel to an unknown land alone. It might make you meet with the person that was always hidden inside you but never got a chance to come out. The film “Queen” is a perfect example of how traveling can bring out the hidden personality of you.

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So, my dear friends start traveling because traveling gives you more experience than any book can ever give you. It also gives you a chance to become self-dependent. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel. If you miss it, you will regret on not going with your friends on these trips. So don’t miss opportunity friends, because time once gone never comes again.

So pack your traveling gear and start towards your dream destination without any delay.


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Sharing is Caring-