Sharing is Caring-

You know who boosts yourself the most? You, yourself!

The only best chance you have is now, is a myth. You are never wrong and no one can be you, better than yourself. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay, he says that you must always introspect yourself. Never think of anything outside yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish, but it means that you must always be self-reliant. No one is going to do your work better than you, and we’ve all been there! There have been times when every one of us has relied for something on others. But it never works. Your intuition is your best power.

be thyself

Intuition never goes the other way round. To know this, one can use many great examples. They can be, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dalai Lama and many more. All these people knew what they had to do. They had their own intuition. They worked on it and look where they’ve reached. One failure does not judge you. You are the best and no one can change that for you.

One should always begin with themselves in order to achieve success. Society doesn’t know what you are going through. Imagine, Bill Gates never giving a shot to Microsoft because Apple already existed! You now might get what I am trying to say.

You can begin a change but give yourself a chance. It might sound foolish at once but when you are done, you can find the best aesthetic experience just like Dalai Lama did.

Start your day with, “I am me and I am the best”. Repeat these words and see where they take you. Work hard on what you believe in. You know fashions change and repeat themselves. Be old school, start something new, there’s nothing stopping you.

Remember, Henrick Ibsen wrote his “Ghosts” which was so modern for the people, that it was banned in his own country for 10 years and in the whole world for 25 years. Yet he didn’t cease to express himself. Today, the book is prescribed in the syllabus of many colleges in the world.

Do not cease yourself from bringing changes. People make fun of you but they too need you. There is no harm in being you. In fact, by being yourself you can make other people to stop faking and bring them to being themselves.  


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Sharing is Caring-