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To be a master of your work, don’t read stories on success. It’ll bind you into ways telling that you will surely reach a place. Rather read stories on failure. It’ll sharpen your vision to look beyond the results and understand the situations that can someway go wrong. In our life, we often search for people who can inspire us and help us to retain our minds in a particular way. But is this the reason we were born differently? Are we allowed only to imitate others? Why not make our own kingdom in which every other person is their own ruler?

Well, this is very precisely answered by our elders.

“Go and find a secure position in your life. Be like them or learn from them.”

Experience has always been a bucket full of lessons but, an inability to handle it wisely can someday leave us in pain. We often tend to learn their life rules, rather than understanding their life. Nobody has ever completely imitated anyone. But in order to imitate someone, everybody has to somewhere lose their own self. This is never an achievement but at every stage, we will call them to be the deterioration in understanding “capability”.

It is undoubtedly healthy to learn but, it is very much wrong to just follow it blindly. Create your destiny and be your own idol. It’ll not only take a harder way but it will also leave you in solitude sometimes. But the gold has never denied being burned for its shine.

Rather than noticing the wrong doings or things  in your life; learn to remain calm and focus on what your mind dreams of.

self idol

The goal is never easy. Any goal is not set easy for humans. Even the very birth of us, gives immense pain to our mothers. But didn’t she fight for your birth? Did she give up?

No. She didn’t.

And this might be another call for you to answer with dedication regarding your problems.

Being only a fan of someone will leave you in the crowd. Rather learn from them and take another group of crowd to tell your idol, how much you admire them. It won’t cost much more than your time and smile.

Spend the most of your time in living your life and spend a very little time in copying anyone. Flame your time to nourish your dreams. Because, while working with time, destiny is not delayed.

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Smiling each time costs much than your guts. Sometimes, the situations will rot your happiness and this will ultimately ruin your smile. But being calm in that situation will be your first win. Once we learn to question the reason behind situations, we can easily learn to smile.

These are very minute things which can not only lead us but also shape us.

To become the first of any kind and to be another reason for why people never give up on their own dreams must be our goal and our life.


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Sharing is Caring-