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“OHHHH MYYY GODDD you’re so Gay!”

Let’s be honest, what’s wrong in being a “Gay”? I mean what’s so terrifying about gay people? Just because males are interested in males, and their choice is different than us why is that amusing to you? It’s normal; it’s as normal as you and me liking a male or a female.

Gay people are humans as well then why do you treat them differently? Why are they harassed, abused, considered mentally ill or unwell? Why?

JUST because, they are not like you? Grow up!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] We live in the 21st century, where everything is developed and advanced except for human brains!   [/perfectpullquote]

Their mentality is same like uncivilized, uneducated people! People use the term “gay” to abuse people but those days are not far when we will have to use the term ‘human’(or the so called straight people) to scold you guys!

Every human born in this earth has the right to live freely whether a male or a female or a gay or even a lesbian. Actually, you know the word “gay” here is a censored word.

Just use this word in public (CAUTION: if you are strong enough to bear pain because people are going to beat the shit out of you!) and see the crowd react. They’ll give you all those dirty looks as if you have talked about sex (believe me this is also one of the most censored word in this country) or murdered anyone.

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I just want to congratulate every retard that considers gay as some kind of illness!

Okay then maybe we should start considering male liking female as illness as well. Isn’t it? I am just amazed by this world. People want you to marry, and love but they have a problem if a same gender does so; a standing ovation please.

I have always heard people saying I want a son or I’ll have a daughter and I’ll keep him/ her like the prince or the princess of the house but when asked if you’ll get a gay son or a lesbian daughter. Nobody will speak.

There is nothing, nothing wrong in being a Gay, being who you are. It’s just that they have a little different choice than us! But that doesn’t harm us and you cannot say it is an inhuman act unless you are being harmed by it. Gay people are not mentally ill but you definitely are!

Many teenagers are scared to accept that they are gay or accept their sexual desires. They are afraid to accept themselves. Afraid of their attraction towards males because of the society and their small minds! They want to destroy who they are just so that their parents don’t have to be ‘sharminda’ in the society!

They can never embrace their identity at times even kill themselves. And there is nothing more miserable than a person being ashamed of what he is (unless he is doing something wrong). Honestly nobody should give a damn about the narrow mentality of the people. We shouldn’t change ourselves for the sake of the society.

Be free, be you! 


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Sharing is Caring-