Author: Tripti Sharma

Women, Manager of the home but not the owner

Women are the backbone of every household. All family members are dependent on a woman to fulfil their daily needs. A day without a woman creates chaos in the house. It is the woman who manages home and ultimately the life of other family members. Still, we see that status of women is not appreciated. She can be the manager of the house but cannot be the owner. The situation of women in small cities, town, and villages raise concerns. Here I will focus on such things that need to improve especially in backward and less educated societies. There...

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When my Mother-in-Law became my Mother

We, humans, are tied in various relationships. Some relations are given to us by God, some are chosen by us and some are by destiny. Some relations which we think are not working, we break up, but some relations are those, by being in it we feel uncomfortable; still, we have to bear those. Out of various relations, one relation is the relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I think this is the second most important relation after the one between husband and wife, in the house of in-laws. Like other girls, I also used to think about how my...

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Body- the most important gift of God. Maintain it and Respect it!

What is life? For some, it is a burden as they are very frustrated with it. For some, it is just a common thing, given by God. And for some, it is the only thing that they desire in the whole universe. But to live a life we need a body. As Billy Graham once quoted, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when the character is lost, all is lost.” To live a fruitful life, we need a functional body, but most people take their body for granted. They ignore the most...

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Difficult situation- A teacher of life! Have you ever faced any difficult situation in your life? Read this story of a woman who is true inspiration for all, to face the difficult situation.

Have you ever faced any difficult situation in your life? Read my story here- 1st Dec 2016 is a day which I will never forget in my life. This day has been cursed by me the most. On one hand, this day gave me unbearable pain, while on the other; it taught me to be strong enough to handle the difficult situation. 1st December 2016 helped me to become a better human being. It inspired me to write positive and motivational things for the sake of readers who might be dealing with some difficult situation in their lives. Let...

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Anger- A myth or reality? Do you also become angry quickly? Read these 5 myths

“Anger” is that emotion which has become an inherent part of our lives. Our every work is dependent on anger to be finished. This tendency is increasing day by day. We believe that when someone is not doing the given task, show your anger to him then he will complete that work quickly. Let us talk about some such conceptions of anger and try to find if they are right: ANGER IS NATURAL: The most common excuse that people give for losing temper is that it is a natural reaction.  They say that it is very common to lose one’s cool....

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