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5 best Sitcom of all the time, you must watch

Sitcoms have always been fun, haven’t they? But one asked a question, which sitcom to watch? Where to invest the best time of our life? Well, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the best sitcoms that one can binge watch over and over again! 1)   Seinfeld Of course, you have heard the name. Yes, you definitely have to watch it. Seinfeld is the story of an American stand-up comedian’s real-life quirky and messy experiences. It is worth a shot, GO FOR IT! 2)   How I met your mother See Ted Mosby’s...

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All You need to know about Rohingya Crises!

Before we head on to the crises of Rohingyas, we should know who these people really are? Why are they referred as a security threat and why are they being discussed so much, lately? Rohingyas are the people who do not have any citizenship of their own, they are stateless. They basically belong to Myanmar. They are Indo-Aryans. There were approximately one million Rohingyas living in Myanmar before the Crises. Most of them are Muslim while some of these are Hindus too. Since the Colonial times, there were clashes between the Buddhists and the Rohingyas. When in 2012, a...

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Are our schools really safe?

To all the bright memories one has of their school life, how does a murder add up to it? School is a place where the parents send their beloved children to be better persons.  The government asked the people to send their children to school, to make the young generation the better future citizens of the country. But what if, the same school witness’s murder, not once but twice, how will one react to it?  Well, Ryan International School is one such school. A seven-year-old kid, Pradyuman, was murdered in Ryan International School of Gurugram. The body of the...

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5 Paulo Coelho books you must read!

What is written down is written down, all you have to do is pick up your own read and Paulo Coelho is always worth a shot! Of the billions of books in the world, I am always game for this prolific author who not only knows a lot of great inspiration things but also knows how to get your head stuck to his books until it’s completed! Now, all his books are worth your while but I have some great books written by him that are definitely going to change your life forever, so, here we go! The Alchemist....

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Few hidden facts about Lion

A lion of all the animals is the perfect metaphor for power and strength. It was used by tribes as their emblem, from times immemorial.  Generally, the lion represents potency, pride, and virility. Potency, for creating an impact or an impression on other tribes. Pride, as to show their pride for their own tribe and virility, for the manliness of the tribe. The proofs of the lion being the symbol of many tribes have been found from the upper Paleolithic period in the carvings of Lascaux and Chauvet caves. They have been kept in menageries since the times of...

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