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Profit or loss for the crackers retailers and manufacturers?

So, the Supreme Court placed a ban on crackers in Delhi on October 9Th. There was a lot of fuss about it by the cracker retailers and the manufacturers. A petition challenging this ban on the sale of crackers was also filed, which was later rejected to be modified. Now, Diwali is a festival of lights. People are very much excited for this festival. They travel to different places and often spend a lot of money to celebrate it. It is pretty obvious that people were not happy with this ban. Supreme Court made a statement that the ban...

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Amitabh Bachchan: 75 years of endlessness

The Big B of Bollywood turns 75 years today, on 11th October. This star has an endless number of successes and flops and yet today, he is the most favorite actor of our film industry. It is said that at the beginning of his career, he had given 11-12 continuous flops. His journey only began, afterward. But one wonders, what held his hope together? What made him keep going? This man of class today, actually never wanted to become an actor. He wanted to do engineering and serve the air force of India. Well, as we all know now,...

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5 Literary movies one must watch!

To all the literary geeks out there, book is like an invaluable treasure but what  lesser know is that even some Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies are priceless. 1)   Midnight in Paris The most important reason to watch is because it’s a Woody Allen movie. The second most important reason to watch it is because it consists of all the most famous and the most incredible authors of the past, including F. Scott Fitzgerald , Zelda Fitzgerald, T.S.Elliot, and many more! There is also a reference for Picasso and his much discussed mistress of all times. 2)...

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Know where you go wrong in Life

Ever thought that people ignore you for no reason? Well, if one person ignores you, it can be his problem but when a lot of people start ignoring you, it’s high time for a quick introspection. It’s always best to see for yourself, if you are a good person than to blame others for being bad. So here are a few points that can help you to know what you’re bad at and boost the positive in you: 1)   Taking pride all the time Taking pride at some level can be accepted. Like if one takes pride in...

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You must know the history behind Hijab in Islam before commenting anything

Hijab, is an Arabic word, usually related to a Muslim woman. While most of the people falsely term it as a veil to cover up the woman, its actual meaning is just a cover or a curtain. The Hijab in Islam does not refer to any woman’s clothing. Most people have this false notion, that the Hijab is used to cover up a woman’s body parts such as head, face and chest. There is no mention in the Quran, as to cover a woman up for the sake of modesty. Its history is quite simple and known by only...

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