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If working women are energetic and known for balancing work and home, housewives should have new words to describe them!

So, I was on my daily walks this evening and I couldn’t help but notice a typical Indian woman, who pretty much seemed like a housewife, riding her two wheeler, with her veil on her head, her son on the backseat and she single handedly rode the vehicle, because her other hand was busy holding her cell phone to her ear! Now, that’s what we call style, don’t we? No amount of pot holes, speed breakers or vehicles could keep her from gossiping her heart out on that ride. And what surprised me the most was the thought that...

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The secrets to lead a healthy mental life

As mental health is what is trending at all places, let’s have a brief insight towards this problem and most importantly the ways to avoid these issues. The world is quite advanced and we are the residents of the ultra-modern era but as the world is moving forward it would not be false to say that our minds are going backwards. Talking about backwards it’s not backwards in thoughts but backwards in health. This decline is highly aroused because of the development of technology. It has, of course, helped us in many ways but also has caused turbulence in...

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Say no to body shaming

We all have been shamed for our bodies in our lives. Some outshine themselves while some get into depression. And when we hear the stories of those who outshine, they too are not so happy. This has been a problem for everyone and no matter what we do, people will find out new reasons to blame our bodies in some way or the other. It may sound complete nonsense, but at some point in our life, we too have shamed someone on their bodies. It is quite simple. Passing a bad compliment as a joke is where it all...

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Are you a Dreamer?

My teacher once told me that you should always dream big because when all your dreams come true, what else will you do with your life? Now that is a million dollar question, isn’t it? As human beings, our minds are always filled with too many question marks. Now, it is normal because curiosity is one of the basic human instincts. What aren’t basic are the answers to our questions. We want to dream big, be big but we do not want to risk out bright futures. Our bright future definitions are quite different. We want to achieve it...

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Ways to improve your communication skills

In today’s times, where communications have been blocked with the use of excessive internet in it, using the messaging apps as a way of constant communication, people have lost their ability to be communicative at the times of real-life conversations. It is not just important to have good communicative skills but also to revive an inbuilt skill that is washing away from time to time. Here are some ways to interact in a way that not just looks natural but also impressive. 1)   Think before you say It is the basic and the most important step towards great...

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