Author: Swati Saxena

Surrogacy: An alternative to infertility???

In these creations of God, a woman has the power to give birth to a new life. Unfortunately, there are many women who due to some or the other reasons are unable to do so and this society called them a “cursed woman”. Well in spite of being a slave of superstition it’s time to do to think what is wrong??? Infertility is not a curse but it’s an abnormality where a woman is unable to conceive a baby. This abnormality does not only occur in women but in many cases, males are also infertile and their sperms are...

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Depression: Don’t let it embrace you.

“In a crowd of millions, many people are still alone and pretends to be happy. Some people say, consumption of alcohol makes them feel happier and uplift their mood.” Are these good signs of healthy life??? Take a break and think about it again. Why the person is not feeling happy even if he is surrounded by his best buddies?? Why over consumption of alcohol is needed to feel happy?? Is something else is cooking inside them which they are hiding by using all these tactics??? Well, yes, it’s the depression. On hearing the term “depression” many of us...

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Tourette’s syndrome: Story of bizarre tics

Recently, I watched a movie where a teacher gets regular tics and hiccups and everyone makes fun of her. She was diagnosed with a rare syndrome i.e. Tourette syndrome. It is not only about the movie but in reality, also many of us are unaware of this syndrome. Tourette’s Syndrome is a common neuropsychiatric disorder where a person gets regular tics. However, this does not interfere with the intelligence of the person. Generally, this syndrome often observed in childhood.  Many people ignore the symptoms like tics, continuous blinking, and sudden body movements. Tics are of two types: Motor tics...

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Is your child autistic? Know all about austicism!!

How many of us know about autism???? A 2-year-old kid unable to talk or interact properly compare to the children of its own age. Many people will take this normal. Few will also link it genetically. But is it the right thing to do so??? Is it the normal development of the child??? Well, NO. If a child is showing some sort of behavioral abnormality or having problems in social interaction he can be autistic. What is autism???? Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Signs are...

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Is Alzheimer’s disease and dementia same?

An old woman was unable to recognise her grandchildren. She does not remember who she is and what is her identity. She is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. In another case, a woman is unable to stand properly. Her body is not in her control, gradually she is losing her memory. She was diagnosed dementia. Are both the women suffering from the same disease?? No! They are not. People often get confused and falsely considered the symptoms of the memory loss. But no, both are different. Although the memory loss is occurring in both the cases but in the latter...

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