Author: Surabhi Pandey

‘Stop Treating Us As Mere Eye Candies’: A Working Woman Speaks Out

Life is not easy if you are born as a girl in India. According to a study published in Lancet in 2006, ten million girl fetuses could have been illegally aborted in India in the prior two decades. So if you are here, be thankful for that first! After the major accomplishment of being born, if mother luck is gracious upon us, we get the luxury of being educated, which is, mind you, not a basic need for girls! Somehow, if we complete our education and land a job, after going through the judgemental eyes of the recruiters –...

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How Do You Make It As Big As Big B – Jr. Bachchan : An Unsung Hero

Lives of celebrities are not easy. Fame, money, and attention come at the cost of privacy and public scrutiny. People often think that star kids have it easy in the industry (well, the nepotism debate is never-ending, is it?). Yes, it is true that networking and reaching out to people become easier when you are from within the industry. But, have we given the con a thought? When our siblings or even cousins get through a premier college or bag an awesome job, our parents and relatives kill us with the annoying comparisons. Imagine what star kids have to...

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Sufi Music in Soulful Kavita Seth’s Voice: a Getaway to a Peaceful Path

Days are blurred A Chaos… They just pass In work, in joy, in Sadness They seem to be running I feel I am behind time Unable to catch a break Everything is a haze A lot is going on They say it is good – To be busy, to remain occupied To be involved in what is called a CAREER I write, I teach I read NEWS, I interview I train, I review I work, work, work. Oh! Time slips by It is all a fog A chaos- A blur I feel lost Emotionally… No time to think, no...

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An Encounter with Chak De Girl, Shubhi Mehta

While interviewing celebrities for Doordarshan, I got a chance to meet a lot of well-known celebrities. My beat was Art & Culture and we focused on people who were self-made and an inspiration to the nation. One such acquaintance during this time was with Miss Shubhi Mehta. A motivational speaker, anchor, and actress – Shubhi is a jubilant young woman. She carries a lot of positive energy and is quite an influence. I clearly remember chatting with her, in Room No. 16 (makeup Room) of Doordarshan Bhavan, before the interview. She was humbly sharing her experiences of shooting for...

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An Inspiration to the budding Writers, Ruskin Bond

Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Sahitya Akademi Award Winner – Mr. Ruskin Bond has been my hero since I was a child. When I met him, I was start struck and not by his stardom but by his simplicity. What a man he is! Such a successful writer and an inspiration to millions, Mr. Bond is an embodiment of modesty. Having grown up reading his books, I had always known his fascination for Mother Nature. However, when I met him, I realized that he actually cares for planet earth. He resides in Mussoorie – a heavenly hamlet of hills...

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