Author: Sonal Mishra

Four Goal-Setting Secrets – Why Being “Smart” is not enough

Setting goals gives you an insight and leads you in the direction of travel which you need to be successful on any duty you are charged with. It is very important for determination in short-term and successful results in long-term. Most of us set dreams for ourselves that seem so big and unrealizable that making the first action towards achieving it looks like a great leap. Being smart is not just enough to actualize all your dreams. Take your time to accurately set goals for yourself and ensure that you are fully prepared to make the most out of...

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Why do we find ourselves using curse words?

Is it polite to use curse words? Definitely…no! This is why we frown at people when they use curse words or get frowned at when we curse. So, why do people still use curse words regardless of it being socially unacceptable? Well, let me highlight some of the various reasons. 1) To blow off steam You might have come across a colleague at work or mate at school cursing when they are stressed. Well, we all have our own unique ways of getting rid of stress, but some prefer shouting curse words at the top of their lungs to...

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Suicide Prevention Week: Don’t Look For Excuses and Start Talking About the Real Problems

The world is celebrating Suicide prevention week from September 10th to 16th, 2017 and hence it was obvious for me to learn more about this particular topic. As I started reading about suicide and other terms associated with it, what I observed was no matter how old the news was there was always an explanation in the media reports, by authorities or a family member about what might lead that person to take such a drastic step. The authorities and the media reports are very particular and careful about what they write or disclose to the public and family...

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Effective Time management – Pickle Jar Theory

Have you ever faced a situation where you find yourself surrounded by the list of things to be done with expiring deadlines even though you were sure you are on top of all these things? Such situations, where a person is left guessing where all his or her time went and how can he/she be better at managing time to avoid missing a deadline in the future is not an uncommon sight. If you are like me, then you might have already tried a variety of time management methodologies to stay in charge. However, I have never felt the...

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Living a Healthy Life – Yoga way

If you are looking forward to trying those college jeans but you are not sure whether it is going to fit you or not. You can almost never make it to the gym after work, then how will it be possible to lose any weight. What if I tell you there is a miracle that can send you back into your college body. Yes, you read it right!! Yoga is to your rescue. Yoga is a spiritual and austere exercise which requires self-control. Yoga constitutes of breathing exercise, meditation and the implementation of precise positions and is extensively practised...

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