Author: Simran Jain


Are you deprived of your sleep and are sleeping pills attracting you towards itself then, BEWARE! Sleep is something which everybody think as a problem. If you feel sleepy then you might be considered lazy, which is a problem. And if you are deprived of sleep, then it is also considered a problem but this problem is known to be insomnia. It is said that, if our mind gets tired then we feel sleepy and it’s a signal that we should sleep now. But today, even after doing so much of work, getting involved with so much of technology...

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GST – A Helper In Disguise

GST, i.e. Goods and Service Tax is a change that Congress government wanted to bring in the Indian economy. But the BJP government finally brought this change in Indian economy on July 1, 2017. After the major decision of demonetization, the BJP government has announced its other decision of adopting this new tax scheme. Some sectors of our Indian industry were still recovering from the impact of demonetization, then suddenly they got another shock of GST. Some sectors believed it to be a good step but most of the sectors were annoyed by the regulation of GST. What is...

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“When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind” – Chester Bennington   This is one of the quotes said by “Pushing Me Away” singer Chester Bennington. It is hard to believe that he is no more with us. 20th July 2017 cannot be a happy day for Chester’s fans. Chester on this date at around 9:00 am was found dead at his estate and his body was discovered hanging in his house by his housekeeper at Los Angeles. Chester apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Also Read :- Depression is the...

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Is negligence in Medicine a business?

Medicine is the most important thing for humans to survive apart from the basic needs. Medicine is derived from Latin medicīna (ars) which means medicine (art).  This profession has to be dealt with utmost care. But today we see the opposite in the society. Here is the blog on how medicine became a business due to its negligence! You must have watched movies in where a doctor forgot the scissors or instruments in the patient’s stomach. Or sometimes perform wrong operations or prescribe wrong medication. When we watch these on screen, many of us find these acts funny, don’t...

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EXPECTATIONS – A Confusing Contemplation

You may have achieved success in your life but have you ever thought that somewhere at some point of time, some people have expectations from you. Some will expect and others will over expect. And we strive to stand up to meet these expectations. ‘Expectation’ is a concept where we set our mind to a particular opinion that is ‘this thing has to happen according to our beliefs’. But sometimes, this assurance can make us blind to what can be done. We just want our assurance upon that thing or on that person to win so we start over...

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