Author: Shivansh Singh Chauhan

E-commerce business- 10 things you should keep in mind.

So, last week a great idea hit you and you are feeling butterflies in your stomach because you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur and want to start your own E-commerce business. Great! That would be awesome if you are seriously considering it but let me clarify a few things first. Being an entrepreneur is never an easy task. You’re going to face a hell lot of bizarre conditions and people more than you did in your whole life. You’ll be detached from your friends for a while and there is no place for procrastination or leisure. It may take...

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Quit smoking and say YES to LIFE!

Yesterday I was watching Ra.One when one scene of the movie hit me hard. It was a normal conversation between the protagonist and a kid which goes something like this- G.One- Do you know every year 6 million people stop smoking? Kid- Do they quit? G.One- No, they die! It may come across as a simple conversation between two people, but the message is loud and clear. Every year 6 million people die because of smoking and this graph is ready to touch the 8 million mark before 2030. So, the question arises again, why don’t people quit smoking...

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