Author: Sakshi Jain

All about Myna Mahila Foundation

The world is days away from witnessing another royal wedding, the wedding of Prince Harry of wales and of Meghan Markle. What makes this royal wedding special than the previous wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have requested their guest not to present them with gifts but instead give aid to charities they support.   The seven charities selected are Chiva (Children’s HIV Association); Crisis (which helps people who are homeless to rebuild their lives); the Myna Mahila Foundation (which empowers women in the slums of Mumbai); Scotty’s Little Soldiers...

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How my grandfather’s Alzheimer’s made me realise that mental problem is still an untalked issue in India??

I lost my grandfather nearly 3 years ago to a disease that I didn’t even know existed (yes! Yes! I didn’t know about Alzheimer’s until I researched about it). My grandfather was a doctor he always made a point to stay fit and live life to the fullest since he followed a rigid routine we never imagined that something like this would happen to him. Nearly 5 years back his memory started fading and we all thought that this might be due to the brain clot movement and we didn’t pay much attention to it which was our fault...

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How to utilise your vacation period after your board exams?

How to utilize your vacation period after your board exams? After slogging for months and pulling all-nighters for days in the end and studying at months stretch the time has finally come when the students can put there put books away and enjoy the period between the exams and their results. After studying for a months stretch you surely need a break from all the tensions. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t worry about your result it is something that defines the first step in your future life, but why spend your entire two months pondering over something that...

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Simple summer hacks for cooler summer days and nights without the use of an air conditioner

The scorching heat, the sweat and the high-temperature days are here. These days temperature has already started to shoot up to 40+ degree Celsius and its only April there are still 4-5 months. While we spend thousands and thousands of rupees on air conditioners or coolers or any electronic item to keep ourselves cool. We are also making the world a hotter place. Here I am with a few simple hacks and DIY’s that will help you keep your cool on these hot summer days and nights 1.    Keep your blinds closed. As simple as this tip may seem,...

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In India’s 70 years of independence not many women have been able to rise to the level of men and those who do become milestones or role models for a lot of young girls and women in the country and all over the world. Be it Indira Gandhi, Devika Rani or be it justice Fathima Beevi they have broken barriers and stereotypes set by the society to reach a level which they truly deserved. One such woman is Indu Malhotra the first woman lawyer to become a supreme court judge. Born on 14 March 1956 in Bangalore to late...

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