Author: Riya Ravi Sankar

Importance of drinking water and signs that show your body is dehydrated. Fueling your body is very important

Water is the elixir of life for every living form in this universe. Man, animals, birds, insects, soil, etc… Need water on a daily basis. Water is a resource that was abundantly gifted by our mother nature. Our Earth is made mostly of salt or hard water which cannot be consumed by humans. Only 20% of the world’s water resources are fresh water. Every organism depends upon fresh water for survival but do we humans fuel our body with enough water on a day to day basis? No! Only a handful of the human population pertains and consumes enough...

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Know the Significance of Dream Catchers

Our former president Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said, “Dream, dream, dream until your dreams come true”. But recently, people have gone insane about the dream catcher trend that’s quite famous right now. From cars to walls, dream catchers are just everywhere and it’s a great hit among youngsters. So those of you who are scratching your head as to what this dream catcher trend is, here is it! So what’s a dream catcher? Originally created by Native Americans, dream catchers come in a variety of sizes and styles. They usually consist of a small wooden hoop covered in a net or...

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Too much of anything is terrible

The title is clichéd but the truth is that even if somebody/ something is your ultimate favorite, too much of liking isn’t going to work out. It’s the same in the case of kinship be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends etc.  In a relationship when somebody asks you for space, it clearly means that you have occupied so much of their life and happiness. For instance, just because you are in a relationship, there is no law that states that they have to be spending time only with you. Every person needs his/her open space to analyze them,...

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Love your loved ones in the best way possible!

Playing with human emotions has become an epidemic these days and when it comes to love, it’s mostly overdone. Just for the sake of loving, there mustn’t be chiding, abusing and rudeness. Unadulterated love is gentle by its nature. Taking for granted is erupting furiously, leaving the ashes of self doubt higher and fierce like wild fire. But how does unadulterated love look like? True love mostly doesn’t come by having a great psyche or societal beliefs. True genuine love blossoms when one has found themselves in another, by accepting them for what they are. Trueness doesn’t come from...

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Signs of Depression One should definitely know!

The world is fast moving that we don’t try to cater to the needs of our dear and near. A person who is found to be happy and smiling outside may not always be happy from inside.   Human wants are unlimited. We all have goals. Sometimes, unrealistic goals lead to regrets. Not every one of our needs is met, even if you are a billionaire. Humans are left with choices and thus they tend to ignore those needs which don’t have to be immediately met. Years of bundled up regrets and sadness leads to depression. A depressed person...

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