Author: Rishikesh Mahanta

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated- Confucius

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated- Confuciusple This simple quote sums up our modern lives. Rather than enjoying the simplicity of life we make it complicated by our unrealistic dreams. Every 40 seconds a life is lost through suicide(Worldwide as per WHO data).  Suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in the world. India leads in topping it. According to a survey over a lakh, people in India commit suicide every year, a sizable chunk of the world average. In 2014, 1,31,666 people committed suicide according to Government records*. 80% of the people in...

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Traveler is not just a person who travels to new places; he is a person who lives his journey

Traveler is not just a person who travels to new places; he is a person who lives his journey. This is what differentiates a traveler from a tourist. A tourist just travels to a new place without caring to admire the beauty, while a traveler while traveling to a new place, tries to get accustomed to the custom and culture of the place he travels, besides admiring its beauty. A tourist sees what a traveler feels. A man who travels understands a lot of things, which a person who does not travel finds it hard to accept. Travelling is...

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“What ruins relationships and causes most fights is insecurity” — Olivia Wilde

A star athlete is on his mark, ready to dash to the finish line as soon as the gun fires, he looks around himself. Suddenly, he feels everyone is better prepared than him. He loses sight from his goal of winning as he is more worried about the other participants. Can I win? He asks himself. The gun fires. He is running with others, he finishes last in the race. His thought that, the others were more prepared than him, is the reason for his loss. This is what insecurity does to us from within. “What ruins relationships and...

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Love and Relationships Go Hand-in-Hand

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. The relationship is a step of mutual understanding between two persons to accept the fact that they are in love with each other. Relations are hard to maintain. Be it the relation of family or friends or siblings. Every relation requires a certain amount of commitment from both the person. This commitment plays an even bigger role when it’s romantic relationship between two people. For romantic relation, unlike other relationship is not a commitment...

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Boost yourself to follow your dream and make it true

We all agree that dreams are always better than reality. But we all promise our self that we will try to make our dreams a reality. But how many of us are really willing to go full length to achieve it? Most of the people after a time let go of their dreams and accept what life has thrown at them. And, then even if they want or not, they adjust with the reality. But is it necessary to adjust with whatever life throws at us? Should we not believe that we can achieve our dreams maybe not immediately...

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