Author: Rishikesh Mahanta

Accept yourself and cherish the moments ,good or bad because there’s a reason for everything that happens!

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear. -Unknown We live in present, we have a future yet all we think is about our past. We, humans, have the tendency to hold our past in more awe than the present and the future. Be it good or be it bad, we all fondly like to recall our past. But when it becomes more than nostalgia it will affect our present negatively. We must learn to live in present and try to make a secure future for ourselves rather than drowning ourselves...

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Know the different types of people living in your society

Our society is filled up with different types of people. No two persons in our society are same. They are diverse in culture, taste, region, religion and every human trait known, yet if you delve deeper you will see that a society mostly consists of two types of people. There are two types of person in the society. First, whom you can persuade easily without trying too hard. They are those who will always agree with whatever you say to him. They never argue with anyone and never put their own opinion. They are always happy to be the...

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Things that are not looked up in a society but are important in our personal life

We live in a society which preaches us many things. For every action, there is a reaction from the society. Be it good or bad society always has a say in it. Our society plays a big part in deciding what’s right and what’s wrong for us. If we follow those rules and regulations of the society we are regarded as a good citizen, an ideal person but if we go against it we fall from the said standards of the society. This has been the system from the beginning of mankind. Many-times due to the pressure of the...

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It is never too late to apologize

You had a fight with someone close to you. You said things which hurt their feelings. After sometime when the anger boils away from your head you realize your mistake, you realize you had hurt them with words that were no less than swords. So what to do now? Apologies. As simple as that. Talk to them and apologize for hurting their feeling. Tell them “I AM SORRY” and move on. Cut your ego not your relationship. SORRY. A small word but never underestimate its power in your life. A very small and simple word, that has the power...

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How to be a good Decision Maker?

Decision making is a part and parcel of our daily life. Everyone can take simple decisions in life easily, yet when we come to taking important decisions we feel conflicted within ourselves. It becomes difficult to reach to a proper decision without a conflict. At such times, we try to wriggle out of the situation trying to avoid making decisions altogether. Decision Making is a key to a successful life. When we are able to make a decision on our own, we are able to achieve greater success. Decision-making needs an organized approach. We have to develop the ability...

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