Author: Ravi Theja

Do you believe in second chances? Read this Blog to know your calibre

Do you believe in second chances? If yes, are you utilizing it in a proper way?¬†Second Chance, because you came second in the race. Second in the race, because you are a second late in finishing the race. The Earth rotates on its own axis and revolves around the Sun. This geography has much philosophy. To speak of, it’s the chances it gives. The living beings also rotate around three seconds. Firstly, why second chance? Because everyone deserves it. Second Chance is not for the first person who had finished the race but for the one who lost. [perfectpullquote...

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Read the story of Aaradhya, a girl who loves freedom and exploration

“You will never know how I feel for you. Let it be the end of our relationship.” “I got addicted to him. Why am I supposed to be like this only with him?” “My parents are not allowing me to go my own way. I tried to commit suicide but here I am, all messed up, and texting you with a tender heart.” These are frequent dialogues I hear about, from everyone. I am Aaradhya, a girl who loves freedom and exploration of thoughts and people. In this journey of mine, I have encountered many dark souls. Apart from...

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Will society decide your career?

“Dad, I’m a dancer. So, I want to join in the dance academy to become a pro,” a friend of mine confessed with guts in front of his parents. “Father! I don’t want to marry at this age. I need some time to settle down,” a boy’s intention to run for his dreams. “Daddy! Let me become something that others can’t. I have many plans,” another graduate’s intention. For all the questions, every father gave a common answer. “What does the society think?” What? Seriously the society is going to think?!¬† So, in a group of 1000 persons, if...

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