Author: Rashim Aulakh

Explore the power of Trust and Positivity! Try to trust on other people and see the changes in your life!

The biggest example of trust is when our parents say something and we have blind faith in them. We never question their motive. Never! This is because we know that whatever our parents ask us to do, is in our best interest. Everyone is not a doctor, but we trust them when they give us medicines, whatever medicines they are! Similarly, we take prescriptions with illegible words to the pharmacy and then purchase the medicines that the chemist hands over to us. Everyone is not an electrician, but we trust them when they say that now there will be...

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Loving the Way you were Born and Staying Healthy!

Since centuries, there are certain stereotypes that our society has accepted, agreed to and refuses to let go. One such extremely prominent typecast is the ideal structure of an individual. Women and Men are supposed to look and dress in a certain way. I believe it is extremely unfortunate because we end up putting a lot of pressure on ourselves in order to be graciously accepted in the “society”. There are some things that people do not understand. Each individual is different. Your physical appearance is just a small fraction of your overall personality. I agree being fit and...

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When will a woman own her own house?

The day a girl takes birth; her family starts thinking about her wedding and all expenses that shall come with it. It is an appalling thought because we live in a country where goddesses are considered to be the harbingers of good luck, love, and prosperity. Since the birth of a girl child, she is constantly given a reminder that she will go to her house one day. Why do we do that? Why is the house she is born and raised in, never completely hers? A girl is expected to study, know all household chores, take care of...

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