Author: Rashim Aulakh

We are different in religion but as human beings we are all one!

I am born in a Sikh family. I have studied in a school where we sang hymns and carols. We even read the bible. My neighbors were Sindhis, South-Indians, Gujaratis and Marwaris. The school I studied in, from nursery till my 7th grade was dominated by Gujaratis and Jains. Then the next school, from my 8th grade had a large majority of Muslims and again 90% of the students in my junior college followed Islam. I visit the Gurudwara and with the same faith and love, go to a temple, church and have even been to a dargah. If...

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Polite Ways to Say No!

It is always a daunting task when we are in a situation where we have no option but to say No to someone who has made a request or asked for a favor or maybe given us work to do. At times, we just cannot say no even if we want to, owing to a variety of reasons. As someone who used to find it extremely difficult to say NO, I can assist you a bit with few ways to say NO and still be polite and warm.  My boss at my first organization told me that I need...

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5 Simple Tricks to be happy

In the 21st century where time seems to be running 8 times faster than us, we get so engrossed in catching up that we lose out our own peace of mind, a sense of calm and most importantly, happiness. Thus, to ensure that, in spite of busy schedules we take out time to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, here are few really simple tricks to stay happy the whole day. 1)      Do not reach out for your phone, first thing in the morning! It is important that after we get up in the morning, we look out of our...

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Ways to deal with heartbreak

Life is too long to cry, and too short for cherishing beautiful moments with loved ones. Our goal should be enjoying the limited time we have with people who matter and share smiles. However, as a lot of you know or must have experienced at least once, is heartbreak. An emotionally tough period for any and every individual, heartbreak either shows us how strong we are or how fragile we can be! Heartbreak can be due to an end of a beautiful relationship or an end to a bad one. In both cases, we experience pain. Feelings and moments...

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Some facts about Nepotism which you must know

Now this word must be in existence for many years, however, it has come into limelight in the recent times and all thanks to our film industry. A lot of people heard one actor’s statement and agreed with it and then the rest of course sided with the other party. What exactly is nepotism? Do we even know what it means exactly or we are like that vast majority of the crowd which moves in the direction of a majority? The definition of nepotism is: – “The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends,...

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