Author: Rashim Aulakh

Laughter is the best medicine

I am sure that like me, a lot of you must have had moments when everyone or everything is very serious but you suddenly start laughing or giggling without really paying attention to others around you or someone shared an important piece of information but you found it funny & thus it had you in splits! Since a really long time, we have always heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” and the same was taught to us in school as well. Laughter, smiles and humor is always encouraged, provided it doesn’t hurt any sentiments. “Laughter activates the...

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Within a span of 18 months, I have lost 4 very important people who were an integral part of my life. Of course, I have faced it all before but 4 losses simultaneously of the people you imagined to be by your side for as long as possible are difficult to comprehend and deal with. There is no easy way to deal with death or no rulebook that you can use as a guide. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a long process. You will never forget the person but just learn to live peacefully despite...

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It may sound very “absurd” to a few but the last couple of months have been really tough for me. Somehow, I haven’t been able to write the way I hope for or thought I would write. Something somewhere is not right and I do not know what exactly is causing this hindrance. Thus, today, since I can’t write something substantial once again, I am going to share ways that may help a few of you in a similar situation and combat the “writer’s block” Indulge in some physical activity You can go for a walk, dance, go to...

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5 Things that you should NEVER tell a Bride!

Every person dreams of getting married. Okay, now you guys must be reading this and saying, NO. But the fact remains that every person has dreamt of a beautiful wedding and a great marriage. And yes, it is a lovely feeling which leaves your insides all warm and fuzzy. However, “weddings” in India are a long affair and people start planning even a year in advance. Amongst all the mayhem and chaos, 2 people should not be bothered, especially once the festivities begin. Those 2 are the bride and the groom. The reasons for the celebrations! Now men somehow,...

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Things to be sure of before marrying an NRI

  Marriage is a huge decision and it is an institution which is evolving with each passing day, in many different ways. However, along with being a big decision for both the bride and the groom, it is certainly a bigger transition for the woman. A family, specially the parents and siblings always want the best for their daughter. Thus, to ensure that such a vital decision is not taken in a rush, we need to keep a lot of things in mind. Today, since a lot of families or men have moved abroad for better opportunities or a...

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