Author: Rashim Aulakh


It may sound very “absurd” to a few but the last couple of months have been really tough for me. Somehow, I haven’t been able to write the way I hope for or thought I would write. Something somewhere is not right and I do not know what exactly is causing this hindrance. Thus, today, since I can’t write something substantial once again, I am going to share ways that may help a few of you in a similar situation and combat the “writer’s block” Indulge in some physical activity You can go for a walk, dance, go to...

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5 Things that you should NEVER tell a Bride!

Every person dreams of getting married. Okay, now you guys must be reading this and saying, NO. But the fact remains that every person has dreamt of a beautiful wedding and a great marriage. And yes, it is a lovely feeling which leaves your insides all warm and fuzzy. However, “weddings” in India are a long affair and people start planning even a year in advance. Amongst all the mayhem and chaos, 2 people should not be bothered, especially once the festivities begin. Those 2 are the bride and the groom. The reasons for the celebrations! Now men somehow,...

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Things to be sure of before marrying an NRI

  Marriage is a huge decision and it is an institution which is evolving with each passing day, in many different ways. However, along with being a big decision for both the bride and the groom, it is certainly a bigger transition for the woman. A family, specially the parents and siblings always want the best for their daughter. Thus, to ensure that such a vital decision is not taken in a rush, we need to keep a lot of things in mind. Today, since a lot of families or men have moved abroad for better opportunities or a...

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Shimla, the best choice for your next tour!

A very well-known and popular tourist destination of India, Shimla is a name that almost every child has heard of. A beautiful little city, with fabulous heritage structures built during the British Raj, it is definitely a wonderful place to visit. I am lucky that I got to go there very often as it is where my maternal grandparents reside.  I have spent a lot of time in the beautiful hills and pleasant weather. Today let me share few places in and around Shimla that you must visit. Travelling to Shimla is not a hassle as the city has...

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Let’s Unite to make India a best place to live in!

We live in a country that has an enormous variety of languages, dialects, castes, cultures and food habits. This should be our USP. These are the things that we need to be and should be identified with. We shouldn’t be known as the “third-world” nation or a “developing nation” because let’s face it, no one says “developing” in a good way! To turn this dream of a nation where people stand for and with one another, unfortunately, we have a long way to go. It will be a long and tiring journey but if we all decide to at...

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