Author: Rashim Aulakh

The importance and benefits of learning languages!

In today’s world, nobody is happy with something normal. Everyone wants an edge. People look for that “X” factor in each and every individual as all have become wildly competitive and are willing to go the extra mile for good opportunities and growth. One of the best ways to have an edge is by knowing multiple languages. That doesn’t necessarily translate into knowing just foreign languages, but just more than your mother tongue and English.   Some of the benefits of knowing multiple benefits are:- 1)      Job Opportunities increase. When you speak multiple languages, it looks excellent on your...

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An Open Letter to everyone who doesn’t know “WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO IN LIFE!”

Dear All, I hope you are keen to read ahead and also understand that it is not wrong if you do not have it all “figured out”. The world is not as big as it seems to be and not so small that we will have nowhere to go. All of us will eventually find the path which leads to stability and success. Now you may wonder, how I can say this with confidence or how can I be sure about this. My answer to your doubt is simple, I “figured” it out eventually and it did take me...

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Let your child know about the importance of Protection and Hygiene

2 words that are super important and should be discussed comfortably in any forum are what are actually frowned upon and discussion about the same is considered inappropriate by a huge section of the society even in the 21st century! Why are we becoming so regressive? Why are we afraid to utter the word condom or sanitary pad?  In a lot of towns and cities, the school authorities take the onus to educate children about the body, about the birds and the bees. And why do they do that? It’s because they should and also because parents or elders...

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All about relationships coming to an end!

Today, our life has more or less become superficial due to the excessive presence and need for validation from Social Media platforms. An unfortunate reality and the harsh truth with regards to this aspect is the loss of fantastic time with loved ones and losing out on the relationship area. The need and want for strangers to like us has blinded us to the point where we are unable to see the thin line between public platforms and privacy. Thus, in this time & era, we are also unaware of the stage where our relationship maybe dying due to...

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You are not safe in the digital world

In the 21st century, when we are extremely dependent on gadgets, most importantly our smart phones, it is extremely important to understand and be aware of the fact that we need to be careful to protect our digital identities and accounts. There has to be awareness regarding protecting our personal data at all times. Do you ever sit and think what if I lose my phone or it gets damaged; or maybe about our laptops or tablets etc. We are somehow, entirely dependent on these things to live our life smoothly. From group meetings to sharing ideas, everything is...

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