Author: Pooja Katiyar

Children can be hero, empower them! Empower children, empower a generation!

Parents can make their children a hero by empowering them. Have you ever wondered why girls like pink and boys prefer blue? Why do girls like to play with Barbie dolls and boys with guns? Why are girls said to be the epitome of love and boys of power? Believe it or not but it was not their choice initially. We are the ones who forced it upon them. We are the ones who influenced or changed the way they live. Their life has changed in such a way that they are not even aware of it. [perfectpullquote align=”full”...

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Unleash the Power within You!

‘POWER’ is a word we all are familiar with and the first thing that comes to our mind is supernatural power or occult power. I am not focusing on occult powers, through which one can perform magic and attain worldly assets. These powers can be acquired through different means. Here I am focusing on the powers that we all are born with. These powers are like potential energy within us and we have to unlock it to change into kinetic energy. Through these powers, we can change our life in a very dramatic way. What we have to do...

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“It’s just a war against the ideology, not the war of superiority”

We are all living in a chaotic world, that is totally uncertain and unpredictable; where every day we are striving hard to survive.  Humans are perennially battling for their existence to be noticed, and we all know that this burden is shared more by women. It’s the pain of women from every nook and corner of the earth. So more or less the condition of women is same everywhere. They are continuously struggling for their due share. For centuries women have raged war against inequality. For this purpose, an ideology called feminism came into existence,  which advocates for equality...

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