Author: Nikita Chhablani

Essence of A Teacher in Our Lives

Who is a teacher? There are endless definitions of a teacher. They are the Gurus. They are our ideals. They are role models as well as our shapers. There is no such word which can describe their real essence. Mothers give birth, but teachers give the real reason of our birth. They prepare us and shape us for future. The things that we aren’t able to share with parents can easily be shared with teachers and they give true advice and satisfactory answers to all our quarries. They not only teach the lessons of syllabus but they also teach...

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Shy of your Body shape? Read this blog

What does Body shaming mean? The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size. Features that make you beautiful / handsome :- Look slim (but not curve less) Have curves (but don’t look fat) Have fair complexion (but not as fair as foreigners) Have dusky complexion (but not too dark). Boys must have proper height and body muscles. Only dusky complexion suits to boys. The point that I don’t understand here is- Is our body shape, skin tone, facial features and other physical attributes chosen by us? Well, the...

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