Author: Nikita Chhablani

Percentage does not decide one’s future!

Formal Education is not always equal to Knowledge. Are you afraid of your results of the exam? Will your worrying change your percentage? Certainly not! Education is said to be a ladder to success but it has never guaranteed success so far. We can see so much of educated unemployment in our country. Even after passing several examinations, one doesn’t get the desired job. Other countries give jobs to deserved ones; while India gives jobs to reserved ones. In our country, education is quantitative instead of qualitative. The one who can read or write any language is defined as...

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She will make you proud

  Dear Parents! Let her fly high in the sky As you are her only support; Don’t let her desires die. Please don’t listen to the crowd; Trust her potential – And She’ll make you proud. Tell the society- not to compare her with a boy, It’s her own life; So let her enjoy. Free her up from all the ropes – Be by her side, And Strengthen her hopes. Don’t listen to 4  people of the town Because she is promising you, And she will never let you down. Believe it or not… She is not less than...

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  Are you an adult now? If yes, you might be planning to start your career and stand on your feet. If you are not- I suggest you to start thinking about it right now. Because on reaching this age you ask your parents to give you pocket money; it really feels bad. Once you start thinking about your career, the very first thing that comes in your mind is- How will you present yourself in front of your employer? Well, not to worry. Here, I share 8 essential qualities of a businessmen or profession that would surely help...

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Scientific Significance of SOLAH SHRINGAR for a New Bride

As we all know that wedding season is on. There are certain things which “A Newlywed Bride” is told to wear. It is said that there are some religious reasons behind it. But actually, scientific studies also reveal some health benefits of wearing ornaments. Let’s see why Brides wear SOLAH SHRINGAR. 1. Sindoor:- • Activates Chakras in forehead. • Keeps Brain active and alert. • Controls Pressure of Blood in the body. 2. Bindi:- • Controls concentration. • Retains energy in the body. 3. Kajal:- • Keeps eyes cool and clean. • Improves vision. • Treats various eye infections...

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Failure is not the last step of success ladder; it is the first step of success

Failure is not the last step of success ladder; it is the first step of success Have you ever experienced failure and could never come out of it? If yes, you are at a perfect place. Today I am going to share some steps to overcome failures very easily. Each person on this universe has committed some or the other mistake and as a result faced a failure. That doesn’t mean that your career ends here. In fact it proves that you are on the right path. 1) Take it easy There is no one on this earth who...

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