Author: Nikita Chhablani

Hope. Is there any perfect definition for it?

Each person will define it in his own way. It is such a small four letter word, but still, it has the power to change someone’s life. There are different results of hopes. Sometimes, we survive because of hope, while sometimes we blame ourselves for expecting a lot. And this procedure is not internal only, i.e. a person has hopes from other people around him as well. If we expect something from our own self; we make sure that we make ourself proud. We put our 100% efforts. But sometimes we fail to do so. Then we curse ourselves...

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Celebrities who faced failures and inspire us to accept failure and work hard to achieve success!

Don’t we compare our lives with the great celebs and wish for the same comforts? Well, nothing in this world comes for free. They stood against all the hardships and aced all the situations. Almost all, the celebrities have done some jobs just like us. Their success included the struggles which most of us are not aware of. And today the same people have the net worth in millions. Let’s see a few examples. 1)Smriti Irani:-      Smriti Irani is better known by her daily soap name – “Tulsi”. Now she has joined politics as well.      She used to work...

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Compare to enhance. Compare to get motivated. But never ever try to make others jealous by your comparison.

“Hey! Did you notice the dress she wore last night? It costs Rs.15000. I too want the same!” We all get to listen to such lines. Don’t we? Comparing oneself to others has become a new trend. Everyone wants to be better than others. Everyone wants more than what others have. This brings me to a story. There was a teenage girl who was facing too many problems with her face. She was dark in colour and had lots of pimples. She didn’t look as beautiful as her friends & was taunted by every person she met- just because...

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A “Selfie” or A “Killfie”?

Selfie.. A new trend and craze among teenagers across the globe As the technology gets advanced; it becomes really very tough to decide whether it is a boon or a curse. We have been seeing a “selfie craze” among teenagers since quite a number of years. People click selfies whenever they get ready, dress up well, with friends and families and the list of selfies never ends. But this craze has become as dangerous as poison. This trend has started killing people. I have come up with so many incidents of deaths caused by selfies. 1) May 2014: A...

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Is your child aware of MONEY MECHANISM?

Money…. The demand for it never decreases, whereas its supply is never enough for us. We always tend to spend on items which we like or the items which are trending in the market. We want everything that makes our life comfortable. We develop wishes one after another. That means, our wishes are never going to end. As grown-ups, we might think about money and budget before demanding anything. But, do our children do the same? Well, they do not know how to spend and how to save. It is so because they have no idea about money mechanism....

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