Author: Nikita Chhablani

Does College life or maturity only deal with freedom?

Once a person completes school, He/she begins dreaming about college life. If you ask a student who is in last year of school, about his thoughts on college life, he’ll start telling you everything he has imagined about college. These imaginations take birth because of television, which has nothing to do with real life. Whatever the T.V. serials show, are completely opposite of what it actually is. A college is a new place with the brand new set of opportunities and lots and lots of fun with new friends. We make so many memories and learn the real lessons...

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Overcome your fear and face the world with confidence!

“Oh my god! You want me to present my poetry on stage in front of so many people?” Do you behave like this when you are said to give a speech or presentation in front of a huge crowd? To your surprise, there are thousands of people struggling with this issue and you are not alone. Let’s learn why we are afraid of crowd? The very first thing we are afraid of is CROWD. We are afraid “if my tongue slips, what will I do? I’ll become a subject of laughter in front of everyone. I don’t want to...

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Inspirational Stories that will definitely inspire you!

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Here in this blog, I am presenting 2 real-life struggle stories of 2 ladies who turned out to be a great success even after such a great problem in their life. They stood against all the odds and made their families proud. Shakti Mohan:- Shakti Mohan is a contemporary dancer from India. She was the winner of Zee TV’s dance reality show Dance India Dance. For her, Dance is like blood and she can’t survive without it. She once mentioned an incident from her life that doctor said she would never be...

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Hope. Is there any perfect definition for it?

Each person will define it in his own way. It is such a small four letter word, but still, it has the power to change someone’s life. There are different results of hopes. Sometimes, we survive because of hope, while sometimes we blame ourselves for expecting a lot. And this procedure is not internal only, i.e. a person has hopes from other people around him as well. If we expect something from our own self; we make sure that we make ourself proud. We put our 100% efforts. But sometimes we fail to do so. Then we curse ourselves...

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Celebrities who faced failures and inspire us to accept failure and work hard to achieve success!

Don’t we compare our lives with the great celebs and wish for the same comforts? Well, nothing in this world comes for free. They stood against all the hardships and aced all the situations. Almost all, the celebrities have done some jobs just like us. Their success included the struggles which most of us are not aware of. And today the same people have the net worth in millions. Let’s see a few examples. 1)Smriti Irani:-      Smriti Irani is better known by her daily soap name – “Tulsi”. Now she has joined politics as well.      She used to work...

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