Author: Nikita Chhablani

A “Selfie” or A “Killfie”?

Selfie.. A new trend and craze among teenagers across the globe As the technology gets advanced; it becomes really very tough to decide whether it is a boon or a curse. We have been seeing a “selfie craze” among teenagers since quiet a number of years. People click selfies whenever they get ready, dress up well, with friends and families and the list of selfies never ends. But this craze has become as dangerous as poison. This trend has started killing people. I have come up with so many incidents of deaths caused by selfies. 1) May 2014: A...

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Is your child aware of MONEY MECHANISM?

Money…. The demand for it never decreases, whereas its supply is never enough for us. We always tend to spend on items which we like or the items which are trending in the market. We want everything that makes our life comfortable. We develop wishes one after another. That means, our wishes are never going to end. As grown-ups, we might think about money and budget before demanding anything. But, do our children do the same? Well, they do not know how to spend and how to save. It is so because they have no idea about money mechanism....

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Hold a positive EYE to avoid the negativity around you

Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, we have to face hardships in order to achieve success. Life teaches us everything in its own way. It doesn’t always go according to our expectations. Let’s see some negative words with positive eyesight:- 1) DARKNESS:- “A dark NIGHT is important for a moon to shine BRIGHT” If everything shines like a sun; we won’t be able to open our eyes ever. We really need darkness just like we need light 2) Days of GLOOM:- How will you realize the importance of happiness if you don’t feel sadness...

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Say no to dowry! Use the money for her education rather than giving it as “dowry” to another family! Because SHE is not a commodity to SELL.

Dowry? A price paid by bride’s family to bridegroom’s family or relatives as a custom. This topic reminds me of a story. There was a lady who was expecting a baby. Her mother-in-law once told her, “I expect someone who can handle our financial burdens and make us free from the entire financial crisis. MUJHE MERE PARIVAR KO BADHANE KE LIYE EK VARIS CHAHIYE.” The delivery period arrived and the family got a baby girl. Everyone was happy except her grandma. By God’s grace, she grew up with lots of support of the family and became a great business...

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Who said people are different? Everybody is the same in front of god

We all are classified according to our religions by birth. We are told to follow certain rules throughout our life. There are set of rules for prayers, dressing style, methods for offering prayers, etc. And we all follow them blindly. If we question them; it is called disrespect towards religion. Let’s see a story which would clarify this properly- There was a temple in a town. The trustees of the temple did not allow the beggars to enter the temple because they disturb the devotees by begging. One day, a 7 year old beggar entered the temple in search...

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