Author: Nadima Azher

Easy Tricks to reduce your weight

Hi, beautiful readers! I am back with a smile to make you smile. This blog should not make you restless and must drive away negative thoughts. I am not here to accuse anyone of his/her body shape or size as living with any body structure is no crime. But here is one thing that most people overlook or rather, they opt to ignore. The plump had started a campaign of body shaming which is now applicable to the slim ones. Body shaming is no less a crime. And you can help yourself from being a subject to this. If...

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Your positive surroundings in negative form, convert it in positive

Sometimes you need to look forward to those around you. Okay. Read along. They are the ones who help you make yourself. Just think, if you were on an island without the company of humans, may be just like Robert Christopher, would you be what you are today? Or would you ever decide to be better than what you are now? A simple answer. “NO”. I do not say that you need to make up to their expectations. In fact, I detest being one like that. But you need to look forward to them. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=””...

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Name – really matters? What is in a name? Know the importance of a name!

What is in a name? Hi there! Back again. With a smile. This time it’s all about the famous Shakespeare’s dialogue. What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.  Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. To add more to the plaintive fact, we agree that names are commonly used. Then we start believing that it really do not matter. All that matters is fate. Destiny. Not to forget, hard work! [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Also Read:- Are you comfortable being yourself [/perfectpullquote] Let me disagree. Oh, I can!...

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It is never too late to be sorry!

It is never too late to be sorry. Hi, all! Welcome here. With a smile. So this time this blog is about ‘sorry’. That quote up there, is not what it shows. It’s a lot more to it. Yeah, I know. This is a motivational site and you expect motivation out of it. And trust me, here everyone will help you motivate. So will I. But this time, it’s the truth you have been avoiding. Trust me as you read along, you will realize that I am not wrong. This is about the same girl who wanted a perfect...

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Exhale the hurt, Inhale the strength.

How to let go of your past? Hmm. Inhale deep. Do it. Fast. So that we get going. Inhale deep. Now exhale. Do this thrice. So this is the one thing which gets variety of answers. And those answers, which they term, accordingly as ‘opinions’ and or ‘suggestions’, come from their own life experiences. And now you’d think, “How are we supposed to take their advice?” My answer: Take it. What if it turns out to do well for you? Even if it didn’t, you could seek another advice. Wait. Wait. Wait. Just keep your facial muscles exercising. Keep...

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