Author: Malvika Neupane

Nothing Better than Girl Friends

People normally:- “That bitch looks ugly!” On women’s’ day:- “Let’s empower and embrace each other. #girllove” This is the real nuisance that goes on and on in our society. “#girllove” for our make-believe life on the internet but in real life it is #girlhate. People these days are social media freaks. They can do anything to be “cool cats” in the Social Media. They are fighting for women’s right on the internet but the next day, the very same girl, bad-mouths other girls for not being more ‘girlish’. Some people are so narrow-minded and full of themselves that they...

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Is expectation good in your life? Read this blog to know the facts

This world is full of narrow-minded people; actually, no; because intelligent and smart people like you and me still exist. When I say narrow-minded, I mean people who only have few ideas or limited clarity on the concept of “life”. Whether this revolves around jobs, future, love or their family it basically combines everything. And this is when people start expecting things from you. Whether it’s something you can fulfill or not, whether it’s your DREAM or not. These expectations come from those narrow-minded thoughts. You’re given only a few options to what you want (are expected!!) to become...

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5 points we should learn to live a better life

Dear lovely people, Life is a wonderful journey BUT not always. Both happiness, sadness, and jealousy are temporary in life. Today you are happy but tomorrow something saddening might happen. Some of you may be scared right now because you failed your exam, or broke your mom’s favorite vase. And few of you are happy because you excelled your exams, made your mom and dad proud. So here are some useful things I have learnt from life: 1. Hustle Harder “You’re standing in the middle of a blank piece of paper. Unleash the inner architect and design your path...

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A letter to the people who think that they are less than Sharma ji’s child.

Hello my dear readers! I know you were searching for some kind of magic spell to vanish Sharma ji and his multi-talented family because of the nonstop praising that happens in your family about them and also because of the nonstop comparison. But don’t worry. You have landed in a correct place because, here I am not going to compare you with anyone else’s child instead I am going to tell you how wonderful you are. We all have been compared to others’ child in our lives. Whether for the bad grades we get or for not making delicious...

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Saloni Chopra- Here she is, breaking all the stereotypes

The TV actress Saloni Chopra, popularly known as redheadwayfarer is breaking free from all stereotypes through her pictures, posts, and captions on Instagram. Her bold statements, fearless writings have made her a role model for the youngsters. The actress has written about menstruation cycle, slut shaming and women empowerment, which were all, appreciated and liked my many people. She is a solid proof to all those people who think that women are weak. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Also read:- Dear Vagina, will you stop bleeding for the sake of the society?[/perfectpullquote] The TV actress Saloni Chopra, popularly...

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